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How to Match Bet Online – FAQ’s

Match betting is the most popular kind of fixed odds betting. Match bets always involve two competitors – even if the event involves more than two. Bettors can wager on which team or individual will win or lose. The popularity of match betting can be attributed to its simplicity and ability to attract sports fans.

Match Betting Odds

Match betting always involves two competitors and fixed odds are assigned to each. Fixed odds systems allow bettors to easily calculate potential payouts. Fixed odds can be written as fractions or percentages. They can also be demonstrated by using the moneyline.

When a team is assigned odds of 3:1, or 33%, this means that every $1 wagered on that team could produce a $3 payout. Odds written fractionally or as percentages always follow this pattern. Odds of 2:1 can also be written as 50%. Wagering $2 on a team with 2:1 odds could produce a $2 payout. Fractional and percentage odds are convenient and simple.

Moneyline odds can also be used for match betting. The moneyline involves assigning both competitors either a plus sign and a number or a minus sign and a number. Moneyline odds are based on units of $100 and display how much must be wagered on one team to win $100 and how much could be won by wagering $100 on the other team. An example is below:

Baltimore +110

Washington -130

The above moneyline odds show that Baltimore fans have to wager $100 on Baltimore to potentially win $110. Betting on Washington requires a wager of $130 to potentially win $100. Although moneyline odds are written in units of $100, they can be used to calculate payouts for bets of all amounts.

Match betting conveniently uses these fixed odds systems so that bettors can calculate all potential payouts. No matter what amount is wagered, the same odds can be used to calculate all winning payouts. In a match bet, both competitors will be assigned odds using one of the above methods.

Match Betting Sports

Match betting can be applied to many sports. In the past, match betting was used for events that involved two teams or individuals. Online sportsbooks now offer match betting on almost any event. Some sports that match betting is available for include:

  • Horse Racing
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Hockey
  • Auto Racing

Online sportsbooks have recently made adjustments to offer match betting on horses. Sportsbooks pair horses together from the field for match betting purposes with odds assigned to each horse. For example, although 10 horses might be participating in an upcoming race, match betting may be available on just two of those horses. Bettors can then wager on which of those two horses will finish first. The overall outcome of a horse race is irrelevant for match betting. The two horses involved in the match bet are the only ones that matter for betting purposes.

Match betting is often used for soccer because there are two competing teams. Bettors wager on either soccer team to win or lose. The fixed odds systems allow bettors to know exactly how much could be won before betting on either soccer team.

Tennis is another popular sport for match betting, and it includes a variety of leagues and tournaments for bettors to enjoy. Match betting has been offered on tennis for decades. Bettors must simply wager on which competitor will win or lose the match.

Hockey is yet another sport that match betting is perfectly suited to. Hockey involves two competing teams, and current NHL rules do not allow for tie games to occur. Hockey games will always result in a winner and a loser, making it ideal for match betting. Bettors can wager on their favorite team to win and use the fixed odds systems to find out exactly how much could be won before wagering.

Match betting was not traditionally used for auto racing in the past. However, with the systems created by online sportsbooks, match betting can make auto racing more exciting than ever. Bookmakers will offer match bets on pairs of drivers for an auto race. Bettors are only concerned with the two drivers involved in the match bet and which one of the two will finish first. The match bet is concerned only with which one of the two drivers finishes first. The other drivers are irrelevant for betting purposes.