Best Sportsbooks for UFC – MMA Betting Online

Since it’s inception in 1993, the UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship has been a popular sport amongst people looking to place bets. UFC is a bit like boxing mixed with martial arts, which leads to the official term for the sport – mixed martial arts. Fighters use an array of different martial arts styles in an attempt to knock-out their opponent or force him to concede. This combination of styles makes it an entertaining sport to watch. The best Sportsbooks for UFC make it an entertaining sport to bet on even when betting on an iPad.

What is Mixed Martial Arts?

Mixed-Martial Arts represents a fighting style where competitors utilize both traditional and non-traditional hand-to-hand combat techniques. Through grappling, striking and holding fighters attempt to subdue their opponents to achieve victory. In UFC, each round lasts for five minutes, with a minute-long intermission in between.

Best Betting Sites for MMA / UFC Bets

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Normal matches have three rounds while title matches have five. The fight takes place within an octagonal shaped ring, which is surrounded by a cage. When placing bets at the best Sportsbooks for UFC, remember that there are several different ways that a winner can be declared in a mixed martial arts match:

  • Knock-Out (KO): This is a winning condition where the losing opponent loses consciousness.
  • Submission: This is a winning condition where the losing opponent concedes. Also known as a tap-out as the fighter will tap the mat or his opponent to indicate submission.
  • Technical Knock-Out (TKO): This is when the referee declares a winner. TKO is normally called in the event that one fighter has taken enough damage to no longer be able to fight, when the fighter looks to be unconscious or when there is a significant injury to tend to.
  • Corner Stoppage: The fighter’s crew in his corner may throw in the towel for him.
  • Decision: If the fight should go all three or five rounds with no victor, then a panel of three judges will declare a winner.
  • Forfeit: This is when the fighter decides to give up before the match, in which case the opponent is declared the winner by default.
  • Disqualification: If a fighter breaks the rules during a fight, he will receive a warning. After three warnings, the fighter will be disqualified. A fighter can also be disqualified if he uses an illegal move that injures his opponent so badly he can no longer fight, despite the number of warnings.


Betting on UFC Matches Online

As UFC has risen in popularity over the years, many Sportsbooks now allow users to bet on individual matches. Simply sign-up for one of these sites, choose a method for depositing credits into your account and start placing your bets on UFC matches. The best Sportsbooks for UFC will offer a variety of different weight classes to place wagers on. Although some Mixed Martial Arts leagues use additional weight classes, the UFC sticks to just these five:

  • Lightweight: Fighters between 146-155 lb (66-70 kg)
  • Welterweight: Fighters between 156-170 lb (71-77 kg)
  • Middleweight: Fighters between 171-185 lb (78-84 kg)
  • Light Heavyweight: 186-205 lb (84-93 kg)
  • Heavyweight: 206-265 lb (93-120kg)


While there are some great places to bet on sports online, not every place caters to the UFC crowd. If you want to start betting right away, here are a list of some of the best Sportsbooks for UFC.
Betting on UFC/ MMA at Online Betting Sites

Betting on UFC/ MMA at Online Betting Sites

The UFC (Ultimate fighting Championship) has quickly turned into the biggest mixed marital arts format in the world. The competition brings a mix of 6 styles of marital arts to compound them into a variation of its own – mixed marital arts (MMA). Whilst it’s a relatively new sport compared to most – founded in 1993 – the global appeal of the UFC has been massive and now countries outside the US such as the UK, Brazil, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Italy have massive followings of their own.
The competition has 8 weights all of which have their own ultimate fighter prize which is in turn, the pinnacle of their sport. These competitions are also the betting highlights of the sport with massive worldwide audiences tuning in.

Popular Betting Markets for UFC Bets

UFC is undoubtedly one of the fastest emerging betting markets in the world. The sport has managed to reach out to whole host of mixed martial arts enthusiasts with numbers continuing to grow. As ever, bookmakers are keen to jump on anything that seems remotely popular and in turn have continued to grow their UFC betting markets. Some of more popular can be found below.

  • The moneyline market is by far and away the most popular form of UFC betting. The market is basically choosing which fighter you think will win the fight. The gulfs in class can often be quite large so don’t be surprised to see one fighter big odds on favourite over their challenger.
  • Round betting is one of the most profitable UFC betting markets. You can choose a range of bets here from selecting which fighter you think will win a specific or round or even choose which round you think a fighter will win in.
  • Prop betting is a growing market, but certainly isn’t as popular as the two above. Prop betting allows you to choose a more select market with one of the bigger ones including winning method. From this you can pick between, submission, decision or knockout and for either fighter.
  • Parlay betting is where you choose two or results on your card needing all of them to be successful. The odds will be increased the more selections you include. Often with a UFC fight there will be a card on for that event (basically a few fights that same night). By selecting a few results from this card will increase the pay-out potential, especially on very short priced favourites.

UFC Betting Sites & Tips

Prop betting is massively underused in UFC and MMA betting. By doing a bit of research on both fighters you should be able to easily find out a fighters strengths and weaknesses, before applying them to your bet. Markets such as winning method are great for this.
As the gulf in class between fighters in the UFC is so massive, it’s often you will find overpriced, heavy favourites for certain fights. There is little value in backing these types of fighters as you get no ‘bang for your buck’. The underdogs will likely make you more money in the long run as if you backed every one you would likely only need a 1 in 10 to come in to break even at worst.