Best Sportsbooks for NFL – Bet NFL Online

The popularity and lucrative earnings of the NFL makes it one of the most well covered markets for sportsbooks nowadays. Bodog’s Sportsbook, Superbook and Bookmaker are the best three wagering services for those looking for serious NFL bets. Not only are all three heralded names in the gambling industry, but they also combine the necessary elements to provide customers with the best NFL wagering experience. Customers should expect to find all of their preferred betting types to choose from, low minimum betting limits for casual pundits, high maximum limits for the serious gambler and an easy bet making process.

Betting Sites for the NFL

The NFL (National Football League) is the largest American football league in the world. The league brings in some of the best players throughout the United States and also countries from around the world. It currently has 32 franchises involved with an average attendance throughout the league hitting 67,000 in the 2011-12 season.

The pinnacle of the league is the Super Bowl. Winning a Super Bowl is the highest honour for any American football player. The Super Bowl is the final match of the playoffs after the end of the season. It’s one of the largest grossing events in terms of advertising and is second in terms of sporting events only the Soccer’s European Champions League.

Best Betting Sites for MLB Bets

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Popular Betting Markets for NFL Betting Sites

The NFL is the biggest sport for bookmakers throughout the US. It’s one of the few American based sports that get massive coverage around the world, including countries such as the UK where regular season games are being held at Wembley Stadium and television channels show multiple games throughout a game week.

  • The money line is a type of bet which you will find for most NFL games. It basically consists of choosing which team you think will win. The reason we say most, is that whilst it’s very popular for other sports, the difference in class between the teams are often huge meaning the odds simply provide no value. Bets will be with a + before the number showing you how much you would win if you bet $100 or a – showing you how much you need to bet in order to win $100.
  • The point spread is the most popular betting type in the NFL. Points are adjusted – like a handicap – for each team to make the odds for much more even, or even the same in most cases. One team may have a spread of +7.5 points over there opponents meaning that after the final result 7.5 points are added to their score and this then becomes the points spread result.
  • The over or under line is another popular market and also one which is very simple to bet on. The line will be set by the bookmaker with each match for the total number of points –combined- in that game. All you then need to do is select the over or under on that line.
  • Parlays are one of the more lucrative bets in NFL. A parlay in a bet which includes two or more games and for you to win that parlay all the bets must be successful.

Betting on the NFL and Betting Tips

It’s important to create a set of rules when betting on the NFL and one of those should be bankroll management. Think of much the same as if you were managing your money in life, you have a set amount of which you can spend and a set amount for bills etc. Stick to your limits from your betting bankroll and only bet what you can afford to lose.
One of the most common sayings in the NFL is “The best form of offence is defence” and a good defensive team will often win you more money than you lose. The point spread markets are great with teams that concede few points as you can often get a good idea of how many points may be involved in the game.