Best Sportsbooks for NBA – Betting the NBA Online

NBA sports betting has become a prolific part of online sportsbooks across the board. Today, betting on basketball is easily done through an online sportsbook, and the NBA is a favorite of many of these sites. Despite such enormous popularity, however, some sites simply do not highlight this sport as well as others. Such an impediment can force bettors to reconcile themselves to fewer options. To deter this and place the NBA in its rightful spot at the forefront, we have researched online sportsbooks and determined the best three for NBA action.

The NBA has emerged as a standout on many sportsbooks sites. This has occurred due to the popularity of this league among so many fans. From young to old, the game of basketball provides great pleasure to a number of individuals. Coupled with the growing opportunity to wager on featured games, the NBA will continue to find its place among online sportsbooks.

Best Betting Sites for NBA Bets

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NBA Betting Sites  & Betting on the NBA

The NBA is the biggest basketball league in the world. The league currently hosts 30 franchises with 29 of those residing in the United States and the other coming from Canada. The league is very much the number one place for a basketball player and any players involved with the NBA are considered to be amongst the best in the world. Whilst the majority of players are made up from US residents, there is much more of an international field in the NBA compared with other North American sports. Countries such as Germany, Russia, Sweden, UK, Holland, Australia and Nigeria have or have had representatives in the league.

After a tough 81 game regular season the NBA then splits off into what’s known as the Playoffs. The Playoffs include the three divisional winners plus the next ranked team from all the leagues before the final playoff round takes place to determine the overall winner.

Popular Betting Markets in Addition to NBA Betting Sites

Whilst basketball doesn’t get the betting coverage of say the NFL or MLB, it still pulls in a wide variety of punters. Bookmakers are keen to open up several markets which regular US based bettors will be relatively aware of.

  • The moneyline, whilst popular in other American sports, isn’t all that popular in the NBA. This is mainly down to the massive gulf between hosts of the teams in the league. The moneyline consist of merely betting on which team you think will win the match straight up.
  • The point spread is where the bookmaker will give a handicap to the weaker team to even the match up. One team will start with a hypothetical head start and then this is deducted from the final result.
  • Over or under bets is again another popular choice with bettors. This format is where the bookmaker sets a line on the cumulative total points from the game and the punter simply selects if it’s going to be over or under that line.
  • Proposition betting (Prop bets) is where you bet on a certain scenarios in the game. This can be player totals, most re-bounds, most assists, time on the court and more.

NBA Betting Tips

Keeping records of all your bets made can be the most lucrative thing you do as a bettor. Think of it as a business; if something was losing you money over a period of time it would make sense to stop doing whatever it was. On the other hand, if something was making you money you would spend more time doing that. The same applies to basketball betting. See which bets are making the most money and stick with those. A lot of betting is trial and error so sometimes you have to lose a little before you can win big.

Every man and their dog have an opinion of which teams are going to win every night. This is fine, but try and use your own intelligence when betting on the NBA. If you do the above and keep records you should have a much better insight as to what works, rather than simply taking advice of a random down the pub.