Best Sportsbooks for Horse Racing – Top Racebooks

Horse racing is often known as the Sport of Kings and is heralded as one of the world’s oldest competitions. From the sport’s roots in ancient Roman chariot races to modern races like the Kentucky Derby, horse racing has survived as a popular sport for betting enthusiasts. In fact, the sport has always been synonymous with wagering, making it the perfect event for players wanting to get into betting. The best Sportsbooks for horse racing make it fun, easy and most importantly safe to place wagers on any number of different races.

What is Horse Racing?

Horse racing has been a popular sport for as long as horses have been domesticated. Horse racing is different per country and races themselves will vary between different race tracks. Some races feature only certain breeds, while others are known for longer race durations. The best Sportsbooks for horse racing will allow you to bet on all of the most popular forms of horse racing including:

Thoroughbred Racing

Widely considered the most popular form of horse racing, thoroughbred racing is done with a jockey riding the horse. Thoroughbred Racing comes in two major varieties which are available at the best Sportsbooks for horse racing:

  • Flat racing, which is over a flat distance
  • Jump racing where clearing hurdles are also a factor.

Best Betting Sites for Horse Racing

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2. Bwin Poker $200 Betting Bonus n/a - use link Bovada Sportsbook
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Standardbred Racing

Equally as popular as thoroughbred racing in other parts of the world such as Australia and Canada, Standarbred Racing is done with a harness where the jockey is being pulled by the horse.

Quarter Racing


A type of racing between the quarter horse breeds which excel at speed over a short distance. Quarter horses are usually raced at 220 to 870 yards.

Endurance Racing

A long-distance variety of horse racing meant to test the horse and jockey’s stamina. These are mostly done outside of racing stadiums on pre-determined trails.

Betting on Horse Racing Online

Betting online is simple – just sign-up at some of the best Sportsbooks for horse racing and give it a go. You’ll need to give the site a few details about you, as well as figure out a payment option. Once you have money in your account you are free to start betting on races immediately. If you are looking for the best Sportsbooks for horse racing, put these web sites at the top of your list:

BetOnline – USA Horse Racing Site

Betonline remains a popular Sportsbooks as it accepts players from the United States. Betonline is one of the best Sportsbooks for horse racing thanks to it’s selection of over eighty different tracks, quality service guarantee and its special promotions for horse racing. Bodog rewards players who bet on horse races by giving each one 5% on all wages lost on horse bets.

Bet365 Sportsbooks for Horse Racing – No USA Players

If you’re looking for an experience that is as close to actually being there as possible, then you’ll find Bet365 to be one of the best Sportsbooks for horse racing. Although players from the United States cannot place bets at Bet365 the site does offer many incentives to players from other countries. One popular incentive is the ability to watch live feeds of horse races right from the Bet365 web site, letting you get the full race track experience.

Bovada – USA Horse Racing Betting Site

A quality name in betting, Bovada lives up to its name by providing one of the best sportsbooks for horse racing and more. Bovada caters to players in the United States exclusively, which is rare for an online gambling site. Bovada features a mobile betting service that allows you to place bets on your horses and find out the results of a race right from your iPad or Android.

Betting on horse racing is a time honored tradition to the point where it has almost become a sport itself. If you are too far away to check out the Kentucky Derby, the next best thing to being there is to place your bets on any of these best sportsbooks for horse racing. It’s easy to sign up and if you stick with any one of the best Sportsbooks for horse racing, you are guaranteed a safe and easy transaction in a fun environment.