How to Bet Golf Online


Betting on Golf is best done by people that love and follow the game of golf. For up-to-the-minute updates on golf tournaments and player tracking visit or ESPN Golf.  Sites like these give you better insight on what’s trending right now in the world of golf, including tons of live updates during tournaments you’re looking to bet on.  These are huge when it comes to tracking your bets, especially when you can easily follow the players you’re wagering on from hole to hole while also knowing exactly where you stand.

If you like to gamble and also have a passion for the game of golf then you will find betting on golf to be a fun, exciting, and potentially profitable pastime.  Since player rankings can fluctuate from week to week, we recommend checking out different sports sites and blogs and determine which golfer might be the safest bet for that particular tournament.  For right now, we’ll start out by taking a look at the various types of wagers that are available for betting on golf,  which will help out newer types of bettors figure out which to choose when they open up their favorite sportsbook.

Types of Golf Wagers

Outright Betting

Most popular and easiest wager to execute, simply because this is where you pick who you believe is going to win the tournament outright. A sports betting site will post odds and you will bet on a particular golfer to win. If he wins you get paid according to the odds at which you took the bet and if he loses then you lose your bet.

72 Holes Match Betting

This is a bet between two golfers rather than a bet on who will win the tournament. You can bet on either of the two golfers to win or there is a tie line posted that you can also bet on. The winning golfer will have the lowest score over 72 holes. If one player makes the cut and the other does not then the player making the cut is considered the winner. If both players miss the cut then the winner will be the golfer with the lowest round 2 score.

Both players must tee off in the first round of the tournament or the bet is voided. If one player is disqualified or retires while the other player remains in the tournament, then the player remaining will be considered the winner. All 72 holes match bets have a tie line.

If both players are tied after the 72 holes then the tie line is considered the winner and both player win bets lose, with the exception that if the two players are tied for the lead in the tournament then the winner of the playoff will be considered the winner of the 72 hole match bet. If the tournament is reduced from the originally scheduled number of holes then, as long as both players are still in the tournament, the 72 hole match bet will be considered a voided bet.

18 Holes Match Betting

This is basically the same as a 72-hole match bet that was explained above bet – with the exception of the number of holes for which the bet is involved (18 instead of 72).

Betting Each Way

is basically making two wagers of the same bet amount on the same player. One bet is to win at the posted odds and the other bet is to place, or finish second, at the posted odds. You can win, or lose, one or both of these wagers.

Match Bet

This is simply a bet on which player will win between two players in a stroke play tournament.  It is also one of the more popular golf wagers people like to execute and use.

3-Ball Betting

In most tournaments golfers go out in groups of 3 for the first two days. These groups of 3 golfers are called 3 balls. In 3-ball betting you wager on 1 of the 3 golfers. Odds are posted on all 3 golfers for which golfer will have the lowest score of the 3 of them over the 18 holes. All 3 players must tee off in that pairing or the bet is void.

If pairings are re-arranged then the bet will stand with the same 3 players. If a player retires after teeing off then he is considered to have lost the wager. There is no tie wager offered on 3 ball betting and it is always on 1 round, 18 holes. If there is a tie for the lowest score after the 18 holes then dead heat rules will be applicable.

2-Ball Betting

This is a very similar bet to 3-ball betting except in the final two days of most tournaments players go out in groups of 2, called 2 balls.

Group Betting

Sportsbooks will pick a group of golfers and post odds that they will beat the rest of the field. This is a win or lose bet at the odds that are posted.  Only certain sportsbooks list this type of wager so you’ll have to keep that in mind when selecting an online book.

Combination Bets

This is a combination of more than one of the bets listed above and you must win all of the wagers in the combination to win.