Sportsbook Betting Tutorials

betting tutorials

Patrons who are new to online sportsbook betting can learn the process by following sportsbook betting tutorials. Betting tutorials offer help with the kinds of bets that can be made on different sports, what betting coupons are and how to accurately complete a bet slip before finalizing a wager.

Tutorials offer general wagering information and site specific tools for navigating sports betting at that bookmaker.  You can use the tools mentioned on our site or can also visit and signup at one of our approved sportsbooks and get up to speed on a lot of additional betting tutorials on their sites as well.

Using Sportsbook Betting Tutorials

Using sportsbook betting tutorials may seem like a novice-only practice. However, bettors who want to stretch their money will learn about odds, wagers and money lines before putting money on a team. Patrons who like to figure out a site on their own benefit from sportsbook betting tutorials by learning betting tips unique to that site. Each online bookmaker is different, so visiting several sites can mean different odds and different rules about the types of wagers available there. When you choose a sportsbook you like, using their tutorial will help you earn the most from your wagers by learning the system at that sportsbook.

Sportsbook betting tutorials offer new and experienced bettors information on:

  • Kinds of wagers that can be placed: Knowing the difference between straight or single bet wagers, parlays, teasers, round robins, if bets and accumulators can be the value of winning or losing.
  • General sports wagering terms like money line, spread, totals, props and futures or sport-specific terms like Hockey’s puck line and Grand Salami
  • The odds definitions of American odds, fractional odds or decimal odds and how to read them on the site
  • The top bets among currently active patrons
  • How to read forms, betting lines and available betting coupons

Quick “How To” Guides to Betting Individual Sports

Kinds of Sportsbook Betting Tutorials

Each major online sportsbook offers assistance to its patrons in different ways. Some sportsbooks will use the Help menu to offer tutorials and explanations. Other offer video tutorials or screenshot views that help patrons walk through the betting lines and placing wagers. Most sportsbooks also offer current team articles or sports news that can expand a patron’s overall sports knowledge before placing bets on a game total or specific team.