Best VIP Program Sports Betting Sites

VIP programs are just one of the ways that online gambling sites try to keep patrons coming back for more. Although this type of promotion is common with poker and casino sites, many sportsbooks do not offer a VIP program. There are, however, a few of the best VIP program sports betting sites that reward players for their continued loyalty in a variety of different ways.

How VIP Programs Work at Sports Betting Sites

Not every sports betting site offers a VIP program to its customers. Sports betting is a much more relaxed form of gambling, and a lot of time can pass before a player gets the results of a wager. Because of this, it can be hard to find a sportsbook that has a good VIP program. The best VIP program sports betting sites give players special privileges for being a part of the loyalty club. These privileges range from site-specific promotions to bonus money. The more a bettor wagers, the more he or she has to gain from the best VIP program sports betting sites.


Betway represents one of the best choices in VIP program sports betting sites. At Betway, players can receive freebet tokens for every wager they make at the sportsbook. Freebet tokens are used for exactly what their name implies. With enough freebet tokens, bettors can make wagers completely free of charge and keep any of the winnings that are accrued. Freebet tokens must be used on the same bet – they cannot be split between two wagers.


The best VIP program sports betting site for high rollers is Oddsmaker. At Oddsmaker, in order to qualify for the VIP program, bettors must deposit a minimum of $1000 each month. A bettor must sign up for Oddsmaker’s VIP program, and not every bettor will qualify. Those that are selected receive unlimited free withdrawals, larger betting limits and cash back on all wagers. Oddsmaker’s VIP program is exclusive, but it is also packed with several offers that make it one of the best VIP program sports betting sites around.


At Bookmaker, the VIP program is divided into tiers. Every time a bettor makes a wager at the sports betting site, they will receive a number of BetPoints. These BetPoints can be exchanged for free cash, gift cards, promotional offers and more. One of the reasons Bookmaker is one of the best VIP program sports betting sites is because they offer three different reward levels depending on how many points a bettor has accumulated. All members qualify for a Gold Membership, which gives them bonus money on deposits greater than $300, one free withdrawal per month and all depositing fees waved. Bettors can work up to Platinum and Diamond Memberships, which have even better special offers.

How to Earn VIP Points at a Sports Betting Site

Bettors may often find themselves concerned with how many VIP points they have earned. There may even be a rationale that the bettor should make more wagers to rake in more VIP points. Instead, sports betting site patrons should think of VIP programs as a bonus instead of an obligation. VIP points will naturally accumulate as long as a bettor continues to use the sportsbook. The best way to earn the most VIP points possible is to find the best VIP program sports betting sites that offer the best point per dollar ratios.

Even the best sports betting sites may not have a VIP program. However, there are a few sportsbooks with excellent VIP programs that can earn bettors extra money, four-star treatment and larger betting limits. The best part about VIP programs is that the points will build up naturally as a bettor utilizes the sports betting site, no additional work is required by the bettor.