Best High Limit Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting is an extremely lucrative part of the online gambling industry. Sportsbooks routinely bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly on all types of sports wagers. The prevalence of sports in modern society and the opportunity to win big on bets has attracted a lot of people to high limit sports betting. Most sportsbooks cater to the ordinary bettor, who routinely makes wagers worth less than $500. Comparatively, the best high limit sports betting sites offer bettors the ability to make bets worth over $10,000 and include high deposit limits to complement the high stakes wagering.

Sports Betting Types

The standard sports betting sites offer bettors the ability to make a plethora of different wagers. Any high-profile sporting event may have up to 50 different betting opportunities available. Understanding the most fundamental bet types available at sports betting sites is the first step in successfully earning money on a wager.

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The four most prevalent bet types are:

Straight bets – A simple wager involving which team will win a specific match. Straight bets are commonly offered using the points spread format, where the total points scored during a match is taken into account. Bets are won or lost depending on if a team wins or loses by a pre-determined number of points compared to the opposing team.

Totals – A wager on whether a game will have a certain number of points scored. A totals bet is defined by a set points threshold. Bettors can wager on a game’s total score being over or under the points threshold.

Parlays – A combination of individual straight or total bets. Every individual straight and total bet that is part of the parlay must be correct in order to win.

Teasers – A bet that is also made up of multiple straight or total bets. However, a teaser allows the bettor to adjust the points spread of each individual bet up to a certain amount. This bet carries lower payout odds in exchange for the ability to adjust the points spread.

Pinnacle Sports Betting

Pinnacle represents the absolute best high limit sports betting site because it features the highest maximum limits in almost every popular sport. High-profile North American sports are covered with a $50,000 limit on MLB games, $20,000 limit on NBA games, and $30,000 on NFL matchups. Every popular bet type features a limit of $5,000 or over. Their deposit limits are just as high with certain methods utilizing limits as high as $50,000 per transaction.

Bookmaker Sports Betting

Bookmaker is another excellent option for high limit betting on the most popular sporting events. The site uses a $5,000 maximum limit on individual wagers made online. Bettors can also place wagers worth up to $20,000 over the phone and can always inquire about placing a larger bet with the approval of a manager. Bettors should expect to be capped at $10,000 for wagers on MLB and NBA games, while NFL games are set at a $20,000 limit.

5Dimes Sports Betting

The greatest aspect of 5Dimes is the fact that the site has no regional limits. This means that bettors looking for high limit sports betting can wager at 5Dimes regardless of their country of residence. The set maximum limit for all major sports wagers online is $5,000. Individual bets over $5,000 must be performed via phone, and customer service does well to accommodate any desired wager amount.

High limit Depositing

Using a deposit method with a high limit is just as important as finding one of the best high limit sports betting sites. The most popular method for serious high sportsbook rollers is a bank wire transfer. Almost every sports betting site allows this method for depositing, and most sites enable bettors to transact up to $50,000 per transfer. Certain sportsbooks may also offer high limit third party deposit methods such as NETeller or MyCitadel. Third party deposit methods may operate with limits as high as $50,000 but will also carry service charges upwards of 2.5%.

Not all sports betting sites are created equal. Certain sportsbooks cater to the ordinary bettor and may only accept wagers of $1,000 or less. When looking for high limit sports betting sites, it’s important to do the research beforehand to find the best combination of high betting limits and deposit limits. When it comes to high limit wagering, Pinnacle, Bookmaker and 5Dimes offer high stakes bettors the best money making opportunities online.