Best Real-Time Action Poker Sites

Poker is a popular game to play in a casino or amongst friends because there is little house advantage. Players create the jackpot with the wagers that they put in, while the casino will take only a small percentage as a fee for hosting the game. This makes winning the jackpot a simple matter of beating the other players seated at the table and hoping for a good hand. The best live poker sites try to recreate the experience of playing in real life by including features like social tools and player avatars.

What Are Live Poker Sites?

Live poker sites are online casinos where players can participate in poker games in real time with other online players at the casino. The best live poker sites see a variety of players from experts to beginners. Players can participate in a number of live poker games such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Razz. Many of the best live poker sites offer private rooms for players to set up their own games and tournaments.

These sites also feature scheduled and sit-and-go live tournaments on a daily basis. Players can choose between many different live games with several different wagering levels including limit, pot limit and no limit games. In live poker, a player’s odds will depend entirely on the people he or she is playing with, and there is no house advantage since the house acts as a host.


Bodog runs one of the best live poker sites for players in the United States and other parts of the world. Bodog runs a plethora of live poker tournaments as well as general live poker games. Live poker players at Bodog are treated to several special offers like a 110% initial deposit bonus that is not offered in other parts of the casino. Bodog is one of the best live poker sites for new players because they can participate in live games with practice chips in order to improve their skills.

Party Poker

Party Poker rewards its live poker players for their loyalty, making it one of the best live poker sites for receiving cash back. Party players can receive up to 40% of each wager back in bonus cash. Players can also earn VIP points for making real money wagers in live Poker games. These points can be used to buy invitations to live poker tournaments with large jackpot prizes.


Unibet live poker can be played directly in the browser, which makes it one of the best live poker sites for players using any operating system. Unibet runs several live poker tournaments with low buy in costs. Unibet also runs an occasional freeroll tournament. Unibet sees a lot of traffic, meaning that there are always a variety of players ready to participate in live poker games at any time of the day.

Benefits of Live Poker

Poker has the best odds when it is played in ring games against other players. Since live poker games have no house advantage, players can often come out on top. Although playing online takes away from some of the social aspects of playing in real life, the best live poker sites give players social tools that can simulate the experience. These features can include live chat, customizable avatars or a live dealer. The best live poker sites give players the option to create private games. This means that players can participate in games with their real life friends, even if they are far away from one another.

The best live poker sites allow players to compete with one another in games like Texas Hold’em and Omaha Stud in real time over the Internet. Live poker sites offer tournament play, special offers and VIP rewards to live poker players. Although the casino takes a small portion of each hand as a fee for hosting the game, the house has no advantage. The best live poker sites give players features to simulate the real experience as close as possible.