Easiest Poker Sites – Fishiest Poker Sites Online

A fish is a slang term used to indicate a player who is easy to win money off of. In poker, a shark is an experienced player who takes advantage of new players in order to pad out his winnings. The easiest and fishiest poker sites are popular casinos that attract a high amount of new or casual players. Because they are prone to making more mistakes, these inexperienced players can help seasoned players take the jackpot almost every time.

How Does a Site Become the Fishiest?

The easiest poker sites are often times the most popular. Sites that offer big incentives for new players, fun to use software features or are linked to a sportsbook or casino site often times attract a large number of fish. All players need to start somewhere, so the more popular a casino is, the more fish there will be. Even if a player tries out a site, plays a few hands and decides not to continue, those few lost dollars wind up in somebody’s pocket. The best scenario is the one where an average or slightly more experienced player finds a way to make those few wasted dollars wind up in his or her wallet instead. By doing this several times over, players can make a good amount of money from the easiest and fishiest poker sites.

Reviews of the Easiest / Fishiest Poker Sites Online

Rank Poker Site Bonus USA Learn More
1. Spin Palace $900 USA BetOnline Poker
2. Bwin Poker $900 USA Sportsbetting Poker
3. Bwin Poker $1000 USA Bovada Poker

BetOnline Poker

BetOnline Poker is one of the easiest poker sites because the fishiest players are often attracted to the betting site and / or casino. BetOnline Poker offers a completely a generous deposit bonus on all deposits, giving players a 25% instant cash bonus up to $900. This bonus is appealing to some of the fishiest poker players who are lured in by them.

Sportsbetting Poker

With a name like Sportsbetting, one would think that the site has little to do with poker. This is what makes Sportsbetting Poker one of the easiest poker sites with some of the fishiest players. The company primarily caters to sports bettors, and as bettors wait for new games, they often wander over to the poker rooms. As Sportsbetting Poker players are often just trying to pass the time, they usually call most of the time, whether they have a good hand or not.


Bovada is a big name in online gaming both in and out of the United States, which makes it one of the fishiest poker sites around. Bovada runs several different gaming sites including a casino and one of the biggest USA betting sites. Bovada also allows players to make a deposit at one site and use the funds at any site under the Bovada brand. Some of the fishiest players at Bovada are players who primarily play at the casino or wager at the sportsbook and have come to the poker tables to kill some time. Bovada has a high player to flop ratio – sometimes as high as 90% of the players at a table.

How to Play to Win at the Easiest and Fishiest Poker Sites

There is a simple strategy that can be used at the fishiest and easiest poker sites that can help shark players get the jackpot. Experienced players can tell they are playing against a fishy player because the fish will call almost every time, regardless of what they have. To combat this, players should call or raise when they have any strong hand and fold the rest of the time. Often times, a fishy player is simply taking a chance when making a call. Therefore, the sign of an easy table is one where a high percentage of the players see the flop.

The easiest poker sites to make money at are the popular places that see a high number of the fishiest players. Often times new players are lured to a poker site out of casual curiosity and their inexperience can be beneficial to stronger players. When looking for the easiest poker sites, sharks should look for a high player to flop ratio. At the fishiest poker sites, experienced players should only call on strong hands to ensure a profit.