Bovada Referral Number

Bovada is currently offering an almost sinfully tempting 110% sign up bonus for all new players who use the referral number when signing up at Bovada.

This number is entered in when you first sign up for an account at Bovada. After that, there’s nothing else you need to do except make your first deposit – which at Bovada is only $20 minimum.

Some poker sites require you to type in a bonus code when you make your first deposit but that is not the case at Bovada. All you have to do is type in the referral code when you create your account.

There will be a box during the sign up stage that asks for your referral number. All you have to do is type in or copy/paste the referral number n/a-use links and then your account will be flagged to receive a bonus upon your first deposit.

Bovada Bonus Information

The cool thing about this sign up bonus is that 10% of it is given to you up front with no hassles. The other 100% is released as you earn Bovada points by playing in real money poker games at Bovada.

For every 10 points you earn, $1 in bonus money will be released until you earn the entire bonus. You can get up to 1 point per hand in cash games and 3 points per dollar paid in tournament fees. With only 10 points required per bonus dollar, this is one of the easiest bonuses to clear.

110% up to $1,100 Bonus – Referral Number n/a-use links

Partial points can be earned in cash games even if a pot doesn’t achieve enough rake to earn an entire point. The break points are as follows:

Rake Points Earned

$1.00 – $3.00 1.00

$0.50 – $1.00 0.50

$0.25 – $0.50 0.25

$0.05 – $0.25 0.10

In addition to that, you earn an additional point for every hour you spend playing poker. These points add up quickly in cash games and tournaments alike so you shouldn’t have any problems clearing the entire bonus. If you do fall short, however, you’ll still get whatever you managed to clear.

Example: You want to get the full deposit bonus at Bovada so you make a $500 deposit after typing in the referral code n/a-use links during the sign up process. Bovada will give you $50 up front and then after that you’ll have 30 days to clear as much of the bonus as possible.

Assuming you play breakeven poker, your final bankroll after clearing this bonus will be $1050. That’s not too bad at all considering you only deposited $500 to begin with. Factor in a little winning play and it’s easy to see how much this bonus can help.

Bovada Points Usage

Your Bovada points don’t disappear as you clear the bonus. They remain in your account and can be used for a variety of promotions. Bovada even allows you to convert your Bovada points into cash at a rate of $1 per 100 Bovada points.

You can convert up to 25,000 points per month in this manner by visiting the “Account” tab in the poker software and then clicking on the “Points to Cash” tab. After that, just type in your desired amount and click on the convert button.

The minimum amount of points for conversion is 500 and the cash is issued as a bonus with the standard rollover requirements. Once you clear the bonus, you’ll have a nice chunk of cash waiting on you plus even more Bovada points to convert.

Oh and if that wasn’t enough, Bovada also has a special perk that rewards extra loyal players. Any time you earn 2,000 or more Bovada points in a month, Bovada will double your points total for that month.