Best Omaha Poker Sites Online

Omaha is a classic card game and a popular variation of poker. Omaha was one of the most widely-played poker games before the development of Texas Hold’em. Similar to Hold’em in many ways, Omaha involves players attempting to form the best poker hand while sharing community cards. Little is known about its origins, but casino executive Robert Turner is credited with introducing Omaha to mainstream players. Omaha remains among the most popular poker games and is a favorite among beginners and professionals.

Omaha is also commonly referred to as Omaha Hi or Omaha Hold’em. Another version includes Omaha Hi Lo. The games are similar in many ways and both are popular among Omaha players.

Omaha Hi Basics

Omaha Hi is fairly simple. Players familiar with Texas Hold’em will easily understand how to play Omaha because the games are very similar. Players are first dealt four cards that are referred to as hole cards. An opportunity to bet and raise the pot is then given to players. If a wager is made, players can either match the bet or fold their hand.

List of the Best Online Poker Sites for Omaha / Omaha 8

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The flop is dealt after the first betting round and consists of three community cards for all players to use. A betting round then occurs so that players can raise the pot. Players can fold or match any bets that are made in order to stay in the hand. A fourth card called the turn is then dealt, which is another community card. Another betting round occurs after the turn so that players have another opportunity to raise the pot. Players can match any bets or fold their hand.

The fifth and final community card is called the river. Players must form the best possible poker hand from exactly three community cards and two of their hole cards. The final betting round follows the river and is called the showdown. Players make their final bets in the showdown before showing their hands. The player with the highest hand using 3 community cards and 2 hole cards wins the pot.

Omaha Hi Lo Basics

Omaha Hi Lo is often referred to as Omaha Split or Hi Lo Split. It is played exactly the same way as Omaha Hi except for one key difference. Players make the best five card poker hand possible as is done in Omaha Hi, but they may also make the lowest poker hand possible. At the end of the game, the pot is split by the players that have the highest hand and the lowest hand. Sometimes the pot simply goes to one player if they have the highest and lowest hands in the game. In any case, two hands will always receive 1/2 the pot each.