Best 6 Max Poker Sites

6 Max Texas Holdem poker has become incredibly popular among online card players in recent years. 6 Max poker is a simple variation on Texas Holdem, in which a maximum of six players are allowed at the table instead of the usual ten. By capping the player limit at six, the best strategies for Texas Holdem change and the feel and flow of the game are altered.

When playing 6 Max Texas Holdem, you’ll notice a significant increase in action. With fewer players at the table, the rate of hands per hour can drastically increase. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to make more poker decisions in an equal period of time when compared to typical 10 Max Texas Holdem. In this way, 6 Max poker works as an amplifier on a poker player’s skill level. If you’re a high quality player, the increase in hands per hour will lead to a greater level of won pots in a shorter period of time. However, if you’re inexperienced or a losing player, you’ll likely find your bankroll depleting more quickly than you’re accustomed to.

Best Online Poker Sites with Tournaments

Rank Poker Site Bonus Learn More
1. Bwin Poker 100% to $1000 Bonus Bovada Poker
2. Spin Palace 100% to $2000 Ignition Poker
3. Bwin Poker 100% to $600 Bonus Intertops Poker
4. Bwin Poker 100% to $2500 Bonus BetOnline Poker
5. Bwin Poker 100% to $2500 Bonus Sportsbetting Poker

The best 6 Max poker sites offer plenty of 6 Max Texas Holdem tables at all times of the day and night. Remember, it’s important to learn the specific strategies of 6 Max poker before investing too much money in these tables. The reviews below are for players that live outside of the United States. If you are looking for the best 6 Max poker sites for USA players, check the list above.

Best 6 Max Poker Sites #1: 888 Poker

888 Poker is an extremely popular online card room that pays special attention to their 6 Max poker players. 888 Poker especially caters to lower limit players, making it the perfect place for aspiring 6 Max poker players to get started. While playing at 888 Poker, you’ll find that stakes for 6 Max poker games range from around $0.50 to $30.00. Typically, most players participate in the $1.00 to $10.00 range while playing 6 Max Texas Holdem.

6 Max poker games at 888 Poker are limited to a single bet and three raises. You can use the comprehensive lobby view, which displays useful information such as stakes, average hands played per hour, average pot size, and the current number of players at the table. In addition, competition is quite soft, allowing beginners to learn at their own pace and card sharks to capitalize on the fish. The only negative aspect of 888 Poker is that they are not currently accepting players from the US.

Best 6 Max Poker Sites #2: Lucky Ace Poker

Lucky Ace Poker is the second site on our toplist of the best 6 Max poker sites. They’ve achieved this ranking by becoming one of the most experienced poker sites on the Internet. Although Lucky Ace pulled out of the US market years ago, they managed to keep their player base strong by focusing on European and Asian markets. This has lead to some of the absolute best 6 Max poker action available anywhere.

For their 6 Max poker tables, Lucky Ace Poker offers stakes ranging from $0.50 all the way up to $100.00. 6 Max poker competition at Lucky Ace Poker is quite soft at the lower limits, though more experienced and aggressive players will be found above the $10 limit. If you’re looking for a serious challenge, you’re free to experiment with the $100 tables. It’s only advisable to play at this limit at Party Poker if you consider yourself a 6 Max poker expert.

One nice feature for 6 Max players at Lucky Ace Poker is the buddy list. Whenever you find a player you enjoy playing with at the 6 Max tables, you can add them to the buddy list and you’ll be notified the next time they sign on. This can be useful for tracking fish, sharks, or simply an individual who you’d enjoy playing with again.

Best 6 Max Poker Sites #3: Bet365 Poker

Rounding out our list of the best 6 Max poker sites is Bet365 Poker. Bet365 Poker is absolutely ideal for players who enjoy two things: soft competition, and frequent 6 Max Texas Holdem tournaments. Of course, the site offers plenty of fast-paced 6 Max poker cash games as well, though the presence of high quality 6 Max tournaments will be too intriguing for most to pass up. Best of all, these 6 Max tournaments are running around the clock, meaning that you won’t have to plan in advance when you want to take advantage of a 6 Max poker tournament. You can do well in these tournaments at Bet365 Poker by utilizing a loose, aggressive playing style and tightening up your play in the later stages of the tournament.

Bet365 Poker is a rather large poker site, and as such, the competition levels for 6 Max poker typically vary according to the stake level. The lower stakes games make for a perfect 6 Max poker learning opportunity, while the higher limit 6 Max games allow for massive, fast profits for experienced 6 Max poker players. These features, along with Full Tilt Poker’s immaculate reputation, make it a top choice among the best 6 Max poker sites. Bet365 Poker does not accept USA players

6 Max Poker Information

As mentioned previously, 6 Max poker is an interesting Texas Holdem variation that limits the player cap to six per table. This makes for some very interesting strategy considerations. Every aspect of the game, from hole card evaluation and betting round play to bluffing and table selection are altered when you remove four of the players from the table. Due to the faster pace of 6 Max poker, you can expect your bankroll to fluctuate more wildly than in a full ring game. For this reason, you should come to the tables with a somewhat larger bankroll than you’d use for a comparably staked 10 player Texas Holdem game.

6 Max poker is an exciting game that will keep even the most seasoned full ring Holdem players on their toes. If you manage to gain some skills specific to 6 Max Holdem, you’ll have a serious advantage over many of the fish who use 6 Max poker as a way to increase their hands per hour. As you gain more and more experience in this game type, you can try multi-tabling simultaneous 6 Max poker games to increase your hands per hour rate even further. Any of the sites on our toplist of the best 6 Max poker sites will meet and exceed your expectations for 6 Max Holdem play.