Slots Guide

slots guide

Slots games are one of the most popular game types in online and live casinos. Modern day online casino sites regularly maintain over 40 different slots games for players to enjoy. These entertaining machines may look simple but they can be slightly confusing at first. With so many to choose from and with so many different types of tournaments that are also available, online slots can seem like a lot to take in; however, in today’s online world it’s not too tough to find a great game and settle in.

The differences between one slot game and another can be subtle or obvious, but with a little knowledge players will be able to traverse the world of the best slots online with ease, especially popular slots online like Devil’s Delight or live slot games like the one the new Wizard of Oz slot machine! Each offers its own type of persona to the game player, with each spin intriguing the person behind it as the minutes and hours go by. Check out our slots guide today to figure out what types of slots are available to you, along with a comprehensive list of great casinos online where you can play them.

Best Casinos with Online Slots and Video Slots

Rank Online Casino Bonus Games Learn More
1. 888 Poker $5000 142+ Games Casino
2. Casino Titan $1000 140+ Games Bovada Casino
3. Lucky Red Casino $1000 120+ Games Ignition Casino

Slots Game Types

Casinos readily have multiple kinds of slot machines each with a different premise. Players are likely to encounter the following types:

Reel Slots – This machine type is often found as a 3-reel variation. 3-reel slot machines are one of the classic types of slots machines. These machines feature a total of 5 payout lines. Casinos also employ 5-reel slot machines that have quickly become the standard machine type in the business. 5-reels offer casinos plenty of possibilities in terms of adding in features and bonuses, and the paylines can be adjusted to 8, 25, 50 or even 100. [Cherry Red Casino has one of the largest selections of 3-reel classic and bonus slots games].

Video Slots – Casinos have been able to benefit from the advent of online play through the use of video slot machines. Video slots feature no spinning reels so they can be modified to act however the casino wants them to. You’ll find 3-reel, 5-reel and progressive video slots games. The best part about Video Slots is the ability to make them lucrative by upping the reels to 7 or even 9. This gives players a huge selection of combinations to play with.

Progressive Slots – No slot machines are more lucrative than progressive slots. This game type operates by being connected to a central source of funds. Progressive slots carry huge odds of millions to one but they provide amazing jackpot payouts that are upwards of $10 million. The specific types of progressive slots may vary from casino to casino. Some progressives feature their own pot amount that is not connected to other machines. Other progressives are more true to the definition by being connected to many machines across several online casinos. [Sloto’ Casino offers four separate lucrative progressive jackpot slots to play on].

Bonus Slots – Bonus slots often refer to machines that use a bonus multiplier. Bonus slots reward players who play maximum coins by offering the best chances of hitting multipliers, special icons and rewards to receive the greatest payout.

Slots Guide Strategy

Slots games may be largely defined by luck and chance; however, there are still basic tips and strategies that can be followed in order to have the best slots game experience.

It is important to start playing any slots game in the free play mode first. Some simple slots games just require a click of the mouse, but others have special multiplier icons to remember and bonus levels that may require some skill and memorization. Playing in the free play mode first allows you to get acquainted with the particular features of any slots game.

Identify the payout percentage average of the machine and the maximum coins allowable. A greater payout percentage average means more money for you when things go your way. Many standard slot machines won’t give an increased payout for playing the maximum amount of coins. However, it’s usually worth it to play the maximum amount of coins on progressive slots because everyone wants to win the multi-million dollar payouts rather than only winning a thousand dollars when using the minimum amount of coins.

Always be aware of your bankroll and your emotions. Slots games can get out of hand when you play out of your bankroll limit. If you’ve got a low bankroll, look for a slot machine that suits your needs in order to use your bankroll for a decent amount of spins. Setting a bankroll limit will always help safeguard against bad streaks. It’s never wise to stick around in a slots game where you continue to lose. Similarly, it’s not a bad idea to stick around when you’re on a hot winning streak, but that does not mean you should keep all your winnings in the machine and bet more on the next round.

There’s a bit more to playing a slots game than just hitting the buttons and watching the spins. Getting used to slots games takes practice particularly with the huge variation in game types and the addition of special bonuses and multipliers.

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