Safest Online Casino Sites

safe casinos

Safety is a top priority for patrons of online casino sites. Identity theft and credit card fraud are two major concerns that pop up whenever one must handle financial transactions on the Internet. However, this should not deter new players from checking out online casino sites.

While unfortunate incidents sometimes occur, these online casinos are run by large corporations that do as much as possible to keep their players safe. Some, like Party Casino and Betfair, are publicly traded companies in Europe and like most casinos, are required to pass and display certification on their websites to ENSURE safety and fairness.  The safest online casino sites earn this title by providing safe transaction options and state of the art security measures. They also have a history of customer satisfaction.

How Safety Rating Is Assessed

There are certain qualities that each of these safest online casino sites must have attained. Each of these online casino sites is run by leading gaming companies that have a good reputation for safety. These online casinos also provide safe payment alternatives that give players the opportunity to pay with methods other than a credit card. These sites also use the latest encryption technology to assure that information is kept private.

Bodog Casino & Sportsbook


Bodog Casino is one of the most trusted names in online gaming. At Bodog Casino, all information that is sent to and from the web site is encrypted for the player’s protection. All passwords are one-way encrypted so that not even the Bodog Casino staff has access to them. Bodog is one of the safest online casino sites because it provides players with several payment options that don’t require a credit card.

Electronic wallets such as Neteller, Moneybookers, eWalletXpress and Click2Pay let a player use a credit card indirectly, which keeps the information secure. Bodog Casino also has anti-phishing measures in place, which is why it is one of the safest online casino sites. Any communications from Bodog Casino will refer to a player by name and include a player’s unique membership number for authenticity.

Cherry Red Casino

Cherry Red

Cherry Red joins the ranks of safest online casino sites because it is backed by the RSA public/private encryption software. Each site at Cherry Red is encrypted with mathematical algorithms that are extremely difficult to crack. Hackers cannot keep up with Cherry Red security because the company is constantly adding new security measures as the technology becomes available.

When it comes to safe transaction options, players at Cherry Red can choose from eWalletXpress, Neteller, Moneybookers, Click2Pay, EcoCard and UseMyBank. If a player does use a credit card, Cherry Red requires an authorization form in order to provide the best security possible.

Pure Vegas Casino

Pure Vegas Casino
Pure Vegas is actually a part of the same gaming group that runs Cherry Red, so it too is one of the safest online casino sites. A player’s information at Pure Vegas is also kept safe by RSA public/private encryption.

At Pure Vegas, players have safe deposit options that include EcoCard, eWalletXpress, UseMyWallet, 900 Pay, Gold Pay, Paste Pay and iPoint. Pure Vegas stresses a transparent and secure gaming experience from the safety encryptions to the integrity of their customer support staff. For these reasons, Pure Vegas is one of the safest online casino sites.

What Players Can Do to Stay Safe

Although playing at one of the safest online casinos sites is a good way for players to stay secure, the responsibility does not rest entirely on the casino’s shoulders. Players themselves can stay safe with just a few easy steps. When signing up for an account, players should pick a password that contains a combination of numbers and letters and is not easy to guess.

Players should also change passwords frequently and log out completely after gaming sessions to make sure someone doesn’t end up with their account information. Players are also encouraged to use secure payment options at all times. The safest way to pay would be through the use of pre-paid credit cards because these are not connected to an account of any type.

When gambling online, players should stick with the safest online casino sites. These sites are known for their secure payment options, encrypted security measures and dedication to customer safety. Players themselves can also help to keep their information safe by using complicated passwords and safer deposit methods.