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A wide variety of individuals from casual gamblers to high rollers, are discovering the possibilities of online casinos. People looking for the best high roller casinos will be interested in massive, lucrative bonuses, high banking limits, exciting game types and comprehensive VIP programs.

High roller is the name traditionally given to gamblers who spend a large amount of money. High rollers are sometimes called whales or VIPs. No matter what you call them, they’re the casino’s best customers, people the casino knows will spend a large amount of money at the gambling table every time they visit.

High rollers get special treatment because casinos can make or break their monthly profits on one visit from a gambler with deep enough pockets. What sort of money are high rollers spending in casinos? A recent report about a high roller blackjack player in Atlantic City revealed that he was gambling as much as $150,000 on a hand of blackjack. This same player was able to negotiate his own blackjack rules thanks to the large bets he places and his prior business with the casinos in Atlantic City. At the end of his run, he’d beaten AC for over $15 million using nothing more than a big bankroll, basic strategy, and the customized rules the casino granted him because of his high roller status.

Best High Limit Online Casinos

Rank Online Casino Bonus Games Learn More
1. 888 Poker $5000 142+ Games Casino
2. Casino Titan $1000 140+ Games Bovada Casino
3. Lucky Red Casino $1000 120+ Games Ignition Casino

Obviously, not every high roller will be able to set his own rules in the casino, and not every high roller is placing $150,000 bets on blackjack. That particular story is an example of an extreme high roller; what a casino considers a high roller amount of wagers varies from one property to another. MGM in Vegas will honor anyone who bets over $5,000 with certain high roller rewards, while other Vegas casinos consider $10,000 the necessary minimum. Talk to casino staff about how much money you’ll be wagering before your casino visit, then back your talk up with large wagers or lots of time spent at their tables and you’ll no doubt earn comps equivalent to your playing level.

Online High Roller Casinos

Since almost every aspect of the land-based casino gambling industry is mirrored by online casino sites, you can find high roller offers at online casinos similar to what you’d find at traditional brick and mortar casinos. You won’t normally have to communicate with an online casino site directly to set up your high roller comps and bonuses, like you might choose to in a traditional casino; the site’s cashier usually keeps track of your play, and if you make a large enough first deposit, you might qualify for a high roller bonus just for the size of your first deposit.

Another difference between online casino high roller benefits and those found in traditional casinos is that some of the perks of being a high roller online aren’t as easy to get in a traditional casino. You’re far more likely to earn a percentage of your losses as cashback in online casinos, an option that not all casinos offer high rollers. Thanks to VIP clubs and special high roller promotions, online casino big spenders can actually earn a percentage of their losses as cash deposited directly into their player account. This happens in land-based casinos, but normally for the top-end of high rollers only.

Online Casino High Roller Benefits

Many online casinos now offer a special high roller welcome bonus and promotional program designed for their customers who wager large amounts or place lots of bets in a month’s time. High roller welcome bonuses go as high as the thousands of dollars, some with match rates well over 100%. The trick to earning these high roller bonuses is to place a large enough deposit and either place really big bets on casino games that qualify for bonus cash or play a lot of smaller bets during the time of the promotional period. These high roller welcome bonuses usually require a deposit of at least $1,000.

But welcome bonuses aren’t the only benefits to being a high roller customer at an online casino. Many online casinos have their own VIP clubs that offer different gifts and promotions to players on different tiers. Since you climb the VIP ladder by making large deposits and playing lots of the casino’s games, high rollers usually end up in the top tier of any online VIP club with no trouble.

As a member of the top tier of an online casino VIP club, high rollers online earn more comp points, can trade their VIP points for gifts and merchandise, vacations, even a personal concierge service at some sites. The perks available to the top high roller online players are competitive with Vegas comps; some online casino VIP clubs offer trips to 5 star hotels and free fine dining, similar to comp’d rooms and meals in a Vegas casino. Not to mention VIP access and free entry to various online casino tournaments including slot and poker tourneys.

An often overlooked benefit of being a high roller at an online casino is the ease with which you can deposit and withdraw funds from your player account. Online casinos will assign their high dollar clients account managers, sort of like an online casino concierge or host. That manager’s job is to make it as easy as possible for high roller customers to get to their accounts, since they want to encourage them to spend big at the casino. This personal account manager also replaces the standard customer service system, so a high roller customer can get answers to his questions around the clock, all thanks to his big money bets and large deposits.

You can find high roller online casinos by looking at their promotions pages or contact customer service directly. If you contact an online casino’s customer service department and tell them you want to deposit $10,000, they’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have, make you a special deposit offer, and outline the benefits of playing at their site as a high roller. From personal account managers to fine dining and cashback on losses, the benefits of playing at high roller online casinos are similar to what high rollers get at brick and mortar casino properties.