How to Play Slots – Internet Slots Guide

Whether you choose to play at online or traditional venues, the concept of slot machines is incredibly simple. At brick-and-mortar casinos, you are presented with machines that have either a handle or button to begin play. With online casinos, your mouse serves to commence play. After you place your bet in either coins or credits, the machine will operate upon your action. Unlike other casino games, slots do not require specific knowledge with regard to rules, scoring, or special terms. They function with little effort from the player.

Upon commencing play, the reels of your machine will spin quite rapidly. They then abruptly stop one at a time to reveal a series of pictures, numbers, or symbols. Your winnings are provided in accordance to the machine’s pay table, and this is linked to the series of items displayed by the reels. Pay tables vary with every machine, so ensure you acknowledge such information before you begin to play. Also look for slot machines that offer progressive jackpots, where the payouts can be substantial.

Straight, Bonus, and Progressive Slots

Straight slot machines only pay out according to a standard pay table. These are the easiest games both to understand and play. No surprises will be found with these games, although some variations do exist. Primarily, the difference found in each of these varieties is the way they pay winnings. A short list is profiled below.

  • Wildcard
  • The Multiplier
  • Bonus Multiplier
  • Multiple Paylines

Bonus slots offer extra games when a certain combination of symbols is revealed on the reels. These extra games offer the chance to win additional money at no betting charge. Examples of these games include selecting treasure chests and stopping spinning reels at a time determined by you to win the highest bonus possible.

Progressive slots are those that offer a large jackpot to winners. The jackpot is comprised of a percentage of all monies played into the machine. The jackpot continues to grow in size as more people play that machine. These can offer exciting play and enormous payouts. It is important to note that as all slot machines work in accordance to the random number generator, jackpots can be won at any time. Winning simply depends upon obtaining the right combination on the machine’s reels.

Random Number Generator

All slot machines are governed by an internal random number generator (RNG). Random numbers selected by the RNG are translated to a computer chip, and the chip stops each reel of the slot machine to correspond with the numbers. Three numbers are generated by the RNG for 3-reel machines, five numbers for 5-reels and 7 numbers for 7-reels. Each number corresponds to one reel. In this manner, the computer system is entirely responsible for the machine’s operation. As such, the outcome will always be mathematically precise.

Although not widely known, a player’s turn is actually finished by the time the slot machine’s reels begin to spin. This is because the RNG has already chosen the positions in which the reels will stop. Accordingly, slot machines that are said to be hot or cold are simply working off the numbers provided by the RNG. All data for the machine is generated at random, so the temperament of a machine simply does not exist. Other myths related to slot games are described in greater detail below.

The Truth About Slot Machines

Slot machines are not based on a cycle, and winning combinations are not evenly spaced. Players often believe a win is overdue if they have remained at a particular machine for an extensive period of time. However, the machine has no memory of previous plays and does not record how many times it has paid out. The truth is that nothing predetermines a slot machine except its RNG.

Despite what some players believe, slot machines do allow you to win. Combinations that meet high payouts as well as progressive jackpots both are regularly won by slot machine players. This is part of the reason they are so enormously popular with casino goers.

Another misconception among slots players is that someone can steal your jackpot. Again, this is simply false. If you leave a machine you have played for some time, the next player may or may not win the jackpot. The odds for winning are the same on every spin at all times. The expression “it is due to pay out” in relation to slot machines simply holds no legitimacy.

Tips to Remember When Playing Slots

While many myths regarding slot machine play can be debunked, some well-known tips actually are employable. Following these tips can help you become a better slots player.

  • Read the payout information and percentages of each slot game.
  • Devise a plan for managing your bankroll and stick to it.
  • Always bet the maximum wager allowed by each machine. This increases your chances of winning the jackpot.
  • If you are adverse to placing the maximum wager, stick to those slot machines with fewer reels and smaller denominations.
  • Look for slot machines that offer the greatest progressive jackpot.
  • If you grow tired with one slot machine, switch to another. You do not have to stay at one game for hours in order to win.

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