How to Play Keno – Best Keno Guide Online

For online casino players that are either inexperienced or are hesitant to make large wagers but still want the chance for a bigger payout, Keno games are a great option. When you play Keno online, bets can be as little as a few cents per game. Payouts, on the other hand, can reach up to $250,000 and beyond.

What is Keno?

Keno is a lottery game that was created many years ago in China. Keno, unlike other casino games, can be called a lottery game because it lacks the need for strategy.

Critics of Keno games will say that the odds of winning a big payout from your Keno card are very low. This is because so many online casino players are drawn to the low wager amounts required for Keno games. Although it is true that chances of winning a large amount in a Keno game are lower than other casino games, the amount that a player will lose at any given time is a maximum of a few dollars. This promised lack of high risk makes Keno worth playing despite its less than fabulous odds.

How to Play Keno

Keno games are some of the easiest games to play online. They are great for players who are new to online casinos and who wish to only wager a small amount at a time. Following are some of the basic rules of online Keno playing.

  • Although there are 80 numbers in every Keno game (that is, the numbers 1 – 80), players will choose somewhere between 4 and 20 numbers per game. The more numbers you pick, the more you will have to wager.
  • When you pick 4 numbers, your Keno game is a called a 4 Spot Game. 5 numbers a 5 Spot Game and so on.
  • You must also place a wager with each Keno game that you buy into. Betting amounts for Keno games at online casinos can range from a few cents to $10 or $15 each.
  • When the allotted time period for wagering is up, 20 Keno numbers will be drawn randomly from any number 1 – 80.
  • When a certain amount of your picked numbers are called, you win the Keno game. Whether you win or not will also depend on the amount of other winners in the Keno game and how many of their numbers were picked correctly.

Types of Keno Games

Online casino sites offer several different ways that a player can bet on Keno games:

  • Straight Ticket Keno: This is the most often seen kind of Keno bet in which a player picks between 4 and 20 numbers for a particular wager. A player will be paid for each number that they pick correctly.
  • Way Ticket Keno: A player will virtually be playing more than one Keno ticket card at a time. This allows players to make smaller bets on each number that they pick per card.
  • Combination Ticket Keno: In this type of Keno ticket, you can actually combine the numbers you picked on multiple Keno cards to form winning combination’s of numbers.
  • Top/Bottom, Left/Right, Edges Keno: This type of Keno ticketing is the most unique in that a player will pick 40 numbers (foregoing the usual 20 number limit) by choosing either the top and bottom, left and right or edges of each Keno card. You must choose 13 numbers correctly in order to win anything.

Because of the instant nature of online casinos, Keno games go extremely quickly. A certain amount of betting time is allowed. This is followed by a time when all bets must be in and betting is frozen.

The 20 Keno numbers are picked randomly, one at a time. As each number is picked, it will appear highlighted at the bottom of your online Keno card. If any of your numbers are chosen, they will light up on your card with an indicator like a star or blinking light. With each number that you guessed correctly, your Payout box will begin to add up. The amount that you are paid with each correctly-guessed number depends on how many other players guessed the exact same number.

After all of the 20 Keno numbers have been chosen, your total payout will appear on the side of your virtual Keno card. This amount will automatically be deposited into your online casino account.

The Keno game will then begin again immediately. You can choose to remain in the game with the same numbers picked, clear your card and pick new numbers, or leave the game.

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With its virtually risk-free nature and relatively large payouts, Keno is a great game for online casino players who are patient enough to wait for their winnings to come in.