Best Real Money Keno Casinos

Keno is a lottery game that has roots in Ancient China, where it was used by the government as a creative way to raise funds for war. Keno has since branched out and is now available at casinos around the world. Keno is universally popular because it is a cheap game to play, takes little to no actual skill and the best possible prizes are always for a large amount of money. When playing online there are usually more chances to win as the best Keno sites allow players to wager on more than the standard ten numbers.

The Rules of Keno

Most Keno rounds are timed or scheduled, which makes playing Keno in a live casino a slow process. When playing online at one of the best Keno sites, players will usually be able to buy tickets for a Keno game at any time and the amount of time spent waiting is drastically reduced. Keno begins when a player purchases Keno tickets. The amount of Keno numbers that a player wishes to wager with will affect his or her chances of winning. It will also affect the amount they will win. In traditional Keno, players can choose to play one to ten numbers at once. When playing at the best Keno sites, the amount of Keno numbers that may be played can rise as high as 20.

Twenty Keno numbers are then drawn at random and a player will be paid out according to the amount of matches he or she had on the Keno ticket. The more matches, the money the player will receive. Some of the best Keno sites may even give players a bonus if none of their numbers matched on large ticket games. Once the round is over, players may purchase additional tickets either with the same Keno numbers or with new ones.

Best Online Casinos for Real Money Keno

Rank Online Casino Bonus Games Learn More
1. 888 Poker $5000 142+ Games Casino
2. Casino Titan $1000 140+ Games Bovada Casino
3. Lucky Red Casino $1000 120+ Games Ignition Casino

Win Palace

Win Palace Casino makes it easy for players to participate in several Keno games at once, making it one of the best Keno sites online. Players at Win Palace can purchase Keno tickets for as little as a penny or for as much as $10 depending on the type of stakes that they wish to play with. The site features tickets with up to 15 Keno numbers, which gives players more chances to win. Win Palace is also popular because the software makes it easy for Keno players to get started. There is a random numbers option available where the software will choose Keno numbers for the player. Win Palace also provides the ability to set the game to automatically play for up to ten rounds in a row.

Grand Parker Casino

Grand Parker Casino is one of the best Keno sites for players who are looking for a jackpot. At GrandParker Casino, players are given the option to play up to 15 numbers at once. However, the casino will give out a top prize starting at only 12 matches per ticket. This means that a player can have three numbers missing and still take home the $250,000 prize on a fifteen number ticket.

Casino Titan

Casino Titan is one of the best Keno sites to play at because it is one of few that offers a Keno bonus. Although other casino sites may have great Keno features, players might not be able to use bonus money on Keno games. At Casino Titan, new Keno players can get a 100% bonus up to $800, which can be used in Keno. The bonus offer is good for a player’s first three deposits at the casino, giving them more chances to purchase Keno tickets.

Choosing Keno Numbers

Many players at the best Keno sites online claim to have a system for picking Keno numbers. It really does not matter what numbers a player picks because the odds for each game of Keno are always the same. Therefore, a player who uses random numbers and a player who picks lucky numbers will both have the same chances of winning. Some of the best Keno sites offer automatic number selection, which allows players to play several rounds of Keno at a faster rate.

Keno is a popular lottery game that is played in both live and online casinos. The best Keno sites offer players several special features to keep them coming back. From game play design made for ease of use to bonuses that work in Keno games, the best Keno sites have something different to offer each player depending on his or her tastes.