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Written by Thomas | Friday, April 22nd, 2011

The online casino industry continues to see more sophisticated advancements in speed, graphic quality and realistic game play. As more players seek out these progressively authentic styles of gambling over the internet, is proud to assist with the introduction of a brand new, comprehensive live online blackjack guide.

In today’s technology driven world, any desirable product that is software based has the constant potential for becoming better, faster and more appreciable by the masses as time goes by. This concept applies to virtually every commerce acquisitioned over the world wide web, including the internet gambling sector.

Online casinos certainly fit the bill. If we take a look at the history of the internet gambling industry, which first hit cyberspace back in the mid 1990’s, we can see leaps and bounds of progress throughout the years. One of the most recent and palpable progressions came just a few short years ago when online casinos stepped one foot out of the virtual world by introducing live dealer casinos.

Live online blackjack was the first edition introduced to the web surfing public, and has remained consistently the most popular version of live dealer casino gambling over the internet. In recent months, the ability to play live online blackjack received a number of notable upgrades, involving the graphic quality, speed of play and interactive capabilities with dealers and other players.

Thus it comes as little surprise that more and more online gamblers are diverting from the traditional, software based version of online blackjack to the live dealer variation of the game. Statistics show that a vast majority of players prefer the convenience of playing blackjack online, but also the authentic nature of playing at a table with real people they can intermingle with on a pragmatic level.

Live online blackjack games combine the best of both worlds in a realistic, real money setting that has yet to be matched in the online gambling community.

As the number of players seeking information regarding the quality and reliability of live gambling opportunities on the world wide web, a new resource has emerged to offer them a complete guide to live dealer casinos. is proud to announce the official launch of its live dealer blackjack guide, designed to supply visitors with all of the intelligence they desire.

The web site is divided into numerous sections that include live online blackjack, live dealer casinos in general, 3D online casinos and another popular venue that just achieved highly searched status, iPad casinos. allows visitors to search for their desired gaming opportunities by several prevalent categories. These include US-facing casinos, Canadian casinos and UK casinos; popular games, biggest jackpots and most lucrative deposit bonuses; as well as internet based, live and 3D online casinos.

3D online casinos are similar to standard internet gambling sites, but they offer a much more sophisticated array of graphics created to emulate a genuine casino experience. They are not live online casinos, but the realistic nature of each game is profoundly more accurate than a simple, aerial view of a roulette table, or the card dealing sound effects of 2D blackjack.

iPad casinos became a key component last year when the first Apple iPad hit the shelves. Countless thousands purchased the coveted PC tablet, and those numbers have multiplied immeasurably since the recent release of the iPad2. Combined with the admiration of online casinos around the world, has already seen a plethora of interest in its iPad online casino guide.

As the online gambling community continues to hunt down a more true-to-life representation of their favorite casino gaming amusements, is sure to rise among the ranks of internet gambling guides that shepherd new and veteran casino enthusiasts into a responsible and realistic experience wagering over the internet.

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