The Bastard Child of “Black Friday” Hits on a Monday….

Written by Thomas | Monday, May 23rd, 2011

May 23rd, 2011, is going down in gambling history as “Blue Monday,” or as I like to call it, the bastard child of “Black Friday.”  As if online gambling wasn’t already in the shits here in the United States, it looks as if the US government has aided in a local operation in Baltimore to bust even more online gambling companies that apparently violated state statutes regarding financial transactions and internet gambling.

Earlier in the day, an indictment was unsealed in the state of Maryland that revealed that a joint sting operation involving Homeland Security, I.C.E., Maryland State Police and workers inside the Internal Revenue Service has uncovered massive banking fraud committed by 10 popular internet gambling websites. released this on their website naming powerhouses like Bookmaker and Doyles Room as sites that were very much complicit in processing USA player cashouts through 3rd party institutions, something that is clearly against certain state banking laws and the Wire Act.

“It is illegal for internet gambling enterprises to do business in Maryland, regardless of where the website operator is located,” said U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein. “We cannot allow foreign website operators to flout the law simply because their headquarters are based outside the country.”

In a more surprising twist to the story, it was also revealed in a 19-page affidavit that Maryland officials – in cooperation with Homeland Security and I.C.E. agents – posed undercover as a payment processor known as Linwood Payment Solutions for nearly TWO YEARS, processing well over 300,000 transactions totaling $33 million!

The full list of sites that were involved in the sting are located below:

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