Mike Matusow: “You WILL Get Paid on Full Tilt” – BLASTS Tony G in the Process

Written by Thomas | Monday, May 16th, 2011

Online poker specialist and Full Tilt red pro Mike Matusow gave a bold statement today on QuadJacks radio earlier today regarding the state of players’ bankrolls on their site.

Speaking with renowned host Marco Valerio and Mike’s brother Scott on the QJ poker broadcast this afternoon, “the Mouth” himself announced that people who have funds on Full Tilt Poker “will get paid.”

Going into it further, he said he would welcome buying players funds at a discounted rate because that’s how confident he is that players will get their cash and he would stand to make a nice profit on it in the process.

Due to restrictions being placed on fellow Full Tilt employees like himself, he wasn’t able to delve into the matter any further, stating that “legal reasons” prevent him from saying anything else about the situation regarding the embattled poker website.

In a truly emotional rant, Matusow went on to blast Party Poker rep Tony Guoga aka Tony G, who also made an appearance earlier on the show, stating that “Tony G is only out for himself and to boost Party Poker…for his own selfish reasons.”

Guoga, who of course is a big part of Party Poker and also owns a majority stake in PokerNews.com, went on the Quad Jacks program to berate Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson for not informing the public of what is truly going on within the company and to answer rumors about Full Tilt being partially for sale for $200 million.

It is not actually known or confirmed if the story about the company being for sale has any weight to it, but it seems Tony G does have a contact that confirmed with him that Tilt reps are scrambling to get a cash injection to pay off USA players who have had funds frozen in their account since “Black Friday.”

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