Full Tilt Possibly “For Sale” at $200 Million?

Written by Sadonna | Friday, May 13th, 2011

The internet is starting to fill up with various rumors about embattled online poker site Full Tilt Poker. From Twitter to online forums like TwoPlusTwo, poker players are talking about one rumor in particular: is half of Full Tilt actually for sale???

Speculation has been running rampant that Full Tilt is selling half of their brand for $200 million – possibly even $250 million. This may or may not be true but speculation is leaning more toward true. It seems as though the online poker site is having trouble paying US players and many are wondering if this is the cause for the rumored sale. There are still many players who do not have access to their cash and this could be the way Full Tilt sees themselves being able to pay their customers in the US.

Even poker players want to get rid of their Full Tilt cash. Poker pro Andrew Robl recently took to his Twitter account and stated: “Anyone want to buy FTP money? I have 124,500 I’ll sale for .95cents on the dollar or best offer.” It seems as though the pro wants to get his money while the getting is still good.

It has also been rumored that the online poker site is going to be getting rid of the Red Pros as well. Red Pros are not officially signed members of Team Full Tilt but they still enjoy many perks of the site. If the pros are cut then the online poker room would be saving more money.

Full Tilt Poker has yet to officially speak on any of these rumors and it could be quite possible that this turns out to be nothing but rumors. However in the coming weeks it would not be surprising to hear that Full Tilt is either disputing the rumors or they are indeed selling half of their site. To save face they should speak on the rumors at some point and we will be anxiously waiting what is to happen next.

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