Doyle Brunson to Leave Doyles Room

Written by Sadonna | Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Doyles Room will now have to make a few changes after it was announced that Doyle Brunson will be ending his contract with the online poker site that bears his namesake. Because Brunson will no longer be affiliated with the online poker room, the future of the site is in question.

Gambling 911, an online news resource, broke the story and Brunson was quoted as saying: “Reluctantly, I have decided to terminate my endorsement contract with It pains me to leave at this time. I have aspirations of reentering the online poker business when the United States Government passes legislation that officially legalize online poker sites. Doyle room management has decided to continue to serve U.S. customers. Although they believe they have the right to market the name Doyle room and to use my name and likeness for a period of time, I have asked them not to. Good luck-Shuffle up and deal.”

Brunson’s statement hints that the online poker room will not be able to use pictures of him as well as his name, which is essentially what the poker room thrives on. The site has gained mass notoriety over the years simple because Brunson was playing there and hosting tournaments. It would not be surprising if several of the members decide to cut and run since Brunson will no longer be associated with the site.

Changes had already been made to Doyles Room recently as they had signed with a new software company to offer a new client and run on a new network. Now the site will have to make even more changes in the future after the decision by Brunson to leave the site in the midst of the “Black Friday” aftermath.

Brunson still has a blog that is hosted by Doyles Room but one wonders how long that will stay up. He also has a Twitter account where players can keep up with what he is doing.  For the time being, it looks like Doyles Room just might be one of the next sites on the chopping block – but most likely not for reasons involving the US Department of Justice this time around…

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