iPhone / iPad Betting Sites

The introduction of Apple’s iPad has changed the way that people bet on sports. Before the iPad people would need to be near their computer, have their laptop in an area with a solid Wi-Fi connection or, worse, make a phone call to place their wagers. Since the introduction of mobile devices and tablets that has all changed for the better. Now users are able to place wagers at any time from any place in the world, making sports betting a lot more appealing for the dedicated gambling enthusiast.

Popular websites are embracing these changes head on and have begun developing sophisticated apps and mobile enhanced websites for their users. Software is being designed specifically for iPad users and has been popping up all over. This will only continue to grow as betting sites embrace what a lucrative market the iPad has and will become.

Why Bet With An iPad?

The ease and convenience of placing wagers from your iPad simply can’t be matched. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can place the wager you desire and that simple fact cannot be overlooked.

Moreover, the mobile gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace and will only continue to get larger. As it gets larger, more and more sportsbooks and casinos will find themselves getting into the business of iPad gambling and this will lead to nothing but good news for the gambler. Better technology, easier use, more websites and more bonuses will follow as the mobile gaming industry grows. While the experience of betting with an iPad is great right now, it will only continue getting better as time goes on.

Best Betting Sites for iPhone / iPad Betting

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1. 888 Poker $900 Betting Bonus n/a - use link BetOnline Sportsbook
2. Bwin Poker $200 Betting Bonus n/a - use link Bovada Sportsbook
3. Bwin Poker $900 Betting Bonus n/a - use link SportsBetting.ag

What Are My iPad Betting Options?

If you can place a bet online or in a casino, then odds are you can place it on your iPad. There are virtually no limitations on your mobile device so you can make your parlays, teasers, if bets and straight wagers straight from your tablet device. Each site is specifically designed to fit onto your iPad’s screen so you can place any bet on any sport with just a few taps.

Many betting sites for iPad are also offering live betting where you can bet on the events of a game as it happens. This is a fun feature that allows you to bet on things like “Will he make the free throw?” or “Will this batter strikeout?” with odds based on each player’s skillset and statistics. It’s a fun way to watch a game and hopefully make some money while doing it.

Can I Sign Up to a Sportsbook From My iPad?

Yes. Any iPad betting site that we recommend make it easy for new users to create a new account, make a deposit and begin betting within minutes of typing in the web address. The process is simple and doesn’t require you to use a computer as everything can be done straight from your iPad.

What Is the Best iPad For Sports Betting?

There are many different versions of the iPad on the market today so choosing one can be difficult. The great thing about the iPad is that they are all compatible with the websites we recommend and can be used for sports betting. However, for the best experience of sports betting on the iPad you should go with one that has a 3G network. While these may cost more money, they assure you that you will be always be able to place wagers­­ wherever you are as you will always be connected to the internet and therefore won’t be a slave to finding a Wi-Fi network.

Is All Betting Sites Available On the iPad? Why not?

Unfortunately, some companies have been slow to adapt to the iPad gambling market. For many sites this is because iPads don’t recognize Flash applications, thus causing websites to re-do coding of their websites. Luckily many sites were quick to adapt to this which has then forced everyone else to work double time to get their iPad compatible websites up and running. We expect most, if not all, betting websites to have complete iPad compatibility in just a few short months. Until then we can recommend a variety of sites that offer a full iPad gambling experience.

Are iPad Betting Sites Safe?

Yes. Or at least they are as safe as virtually any other website on the internet. There is always risk when depositing money into a website, but this risk is no greater with websites that we recommend. These are all websites that we have relationships with that plan to be around for a long time. Also, many of them are regulated or a member of the Interactive Gaming Council, an institution created to instill customer confidence in online gaming. If you have concerns, check each site’s posted rules and FAQ section. We recommend only keeping as much money in your account as you plan on wagering. Depositing into these sites is extremely easy so you will always be able to add more if you need it.