iPad Poker Sites – Playing Real Money Poker on iPad / iPhone

Online poker took the game to previously unforeseen heights in the past few years and now poker is set to see the same rise with the advent of the iPad and other tablet devices. With recent advances in technology and software, what was once considered a pipe dream is now a reality as we are now able to play poker online for real money against live opponents anywhere in the world without a computer thanks to an iPad. While the iPad is still new and many poker rooms are trying to figure out the best way to utilize it, there are still websites out there where you can play real money live poker on your tablet device with more looking to roll out their products soon.

There are currently quite a few apps on the iTunes App Store that allow you to play poker online against other players, including an official World Series of Poker app, but very few that allow you to play for real money.  The good news is that the demand for live poker on the iPad is so strong that it is forcing websites to get to work on creating their own app or mobile enhanced site. Players want to play live cash games or compete in poker tournaments wherever they may be and all sites are going to be forced to adapt sooner rather than later. There are many sites with apps or mobile devices currently in beta testing that we expect to be rolled out soon.

Best Real Money iPad / iPhone Poker Sites

Rank Poker Site Bonus Learn More
1. Bwin Poker 100% to $1000 Bonus Bovada Poker
2. Spin Palace 100% to $2000 Ignition Poker
3. Bwin Poker 100% to $600 Bonus Intertops Poker
4. Bwin Poker 100% to $2500 Bonus BetOnline Poker
5. Bwin Poker 100% to $2500 Bonus Sportsbetting Poker

While many sites are slow to adapt to iPad poker, others have taken the ball and ran with it. We can recommend sites that you can begin playing live poker at on your iPad immediately. Our sites allow you to sign up, deposit money and begin playing within minutes.

Can I Play Poker on iPad Using A 3G Network?

Most mobile poker websites are designed to use a minimal amount of data for this specific purpose. Requiring a Wi-Fi connection would remove a lot of the appeal of playing poker on your iPad and make it difficult to play virtually anywhere. Poker websites offering an iPad version have worked hard to make sure their games are playable over 3G and future offerings should do the same.

It is recommended that you ensure your signal is strong and reliable before playing poker on your iPad. Poker websites put the responsibility of a staying connected in your hands and a loss of connection during a hand may cause you to fold a winner.

What Poker Games are on iPad for Cash?

The most popular game in the world, no limit Texas hold em, is available for play on your iPad. You can play with multiple table limits and can easily go all-in with just the push of a button. There are also limit games available as well as the ability to take part in multi-table tournaments. While some sites have limited options as far as game selection goes, every site offers this staple of the poker world. Still, some sites offer their full selection of games from Omaha to razz to seven card stud at multiple limits. As the technology advances and more websites enter into the mobile market, more and more games will be offered for mobile users.

Can I Also Play Real Money Poker On My iPhone?

Yes. The Apple iPod and iPhone use the same basic operating system and any site that is compatible with the iPad will also be compatible with the iPhone. Graphics will naturally appear smaller on the iPhone though, which is why using an iPad is preferable.

Are There Bonuses For Signing Up if I Use My iPad / iPhone?

Yes, many sites that offer poker on an iPad also offer bonuses for new, depositing users. These bonuses are credited to your account immediately, but are not able to be withdrawn until you reach certain play through requirements. Bonuses vary depending on site, but more than often can be a 100% match of your deposit.

Can I Quit Playing Poker On My Computer Now?

Most serious poker players we know will continue to do the majority of their poker playing on their computers because of the ability to play more than a single table at a time, a feature that is currently lacking with iPad poker. The answer to this question is completely up to you though. If you enjoy playing more than one game at a time then you probably shouldn’t ditch your computer just yet, but if you like playing just a single table or tournament at a time then the iPad is for you. The great thing about playing poker on your tablet device is that you can do it anywhere. No matter what your experience level, the odds are at some point you will have to wait for a plane or be stuck on a train and want to get in a few hands of poker. Thanks to the iPad you now have that option.