iPad Gambling Apps

Apple’s iPad sales nearly doubled last year and those numbers are only expected to grow. With sales growing and new software versions on the way, it appears that the iPad is here to say. With hundreds of thousands of apps available on Apple’s App Store, there is very little that you can’t do on your iPad and that includes playing online casino games, betting sports and playing poker for real money. While there are not many apps that allow you to do this, there are a lot of popular gaming websites that allow you to play through iPhone and iPhone compatible software. With more and more sites adding iPhone games every day and technology making great strides, now is a great time to get started in iPad gaming.

Below you will find a general outline of the types of games you can play on your iPad and iPhone. We’ve also listed the top iPad gambling sites that provide real money apps. Not all sites are equal. Some iPad gambling sites only offering sportsbetting while others will offer bingo, or poker or possibly casino games.

Real Money Betting Apps for iPad / iPhone

Rank Mobile Site Bonus Mobile Games? Learn More
1. 888 Poker $5000 142+ Games Slots.lv Casino
2. Casino Titan $1000 140+ Games Bovada Casino
3. BetOnline $5000 3D Slot Games Drake Casino

Bet on Sports with iPad

The ability to bet on sports from a mobile device is something that mobile users have been clamoring for since the invention of mobile devices. Even those who dreamt of this early on couldn’t imagine what the iPad has to offer. Beyond having full access to your sports betting account with the ability to place your wagers, deposit and withdraw money right at your fingertips, many sports betting websites also offer live betting where you can bet on events of the game as they are happening. Think Tom Brady is about to throw a long touchdown pass? You can get odds to bet on that. Live betting is a rather new option in the sports betting world, but after trying it out it will be hard to imagine what it was like before it. Besides live betting, users are offered the full gambling experience with the ability to place straight bets, parlays, teasers or other bets straight from their iPad. In a lot of ways we are living in the golden age of sports betting because of the iPad and it is only expected to get better.

Play Poker for Real Money with iPad

Poker has dropped off a bit from the heights of its recent boom, but still remains a force in the gaming industry to this day and shows no signs of going away. The growth of mobile devices and tablets will only help the industry and make it even easier for new players to find the game. A poker app has been rumored for the iPhone and iPad since the beginning, but that has yet to come to fruition due to a variety of reasons. However, a lot of sites have adopted mobile enhanced versions of their poker websites allowing players to play no limit hold em on their iPad with very little to no drop off between their online counterparts. Users can play cash games for real money against other players straight from their iPad with all the bells and whistles users have come to expect from online poker. As more websites adapt to the iPad, the more we will see the technology advance and the ease of play on the iPad will only increase.

Playing Bingo for Real Money with iPad

Bingo, a true classic of the gaming industry, is not about to get left behind in the modern mobile gaming movement. The simple rules, big money chances and ability to learn with relative ease continue to make bingo a game that is enjoyed by gaming fans of all ages. This fact is helped by bingo’s transition to the iPad being relatively seamless and in a lot of ways the classic game of chance is actually enhanced by the iPad. While some enjoy bingo simply for the gambling aspect, many also enjoy the social aspect of the game and because of this some sites have added a chat option to the bingo games. The ease at which you can chat and play bingo at the same time is a testament to how far the mobile bingo experience has come.  Best of all, because online games are played worldwide iPad bingo can be played anytime twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and thanks to your iPad, any place too.

Online Casino Apps that Work on iPad

The growth of online casinos over the past ten years has been impressive. The graphics, ease of use and technology has consistently improved from its humble beginnings, which has made the transition to mobile and iPad gaming an easy process for many casino websites. The websites are clean, easy to use and simple to navigate. While some websites have limited gaming options, all of the classic and most popular games are available for play. A game like blackjack is a popular app on Apple’s App Store with many different creators, but nothing matches the feel of playing for real money in an online casino and every site we recommend offers a blackjack experience that is the same or superior to anything in the App Store. Other casino games like progressive slots and video poker were seemingly invented for use on a mobile device and their playability on the iPad is excellent. Classic slots and roulette look and feel great too. With so many iPad casino apps to choose from, it is simply a matter of find the right site for you.