Bingos Apps for iPad

Bingo is one of the oldest games in all of gambling, bringing joy and excitement to gamblers since 1929. Apple’s iPad, first released in 2010, is the newest and most innovative piece of technology to hit the market in many years. Naturally, the marriage of bingo and the iPad is a near perfect fit. The iPad’s touchscreen makes playing easy and its wireless connectivity makes it possible to play from virtually anywhere in the world. Bingo games can be played live on your tablet device against other people, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Traditional bingo, as well as other variations of the game, play just like the real thing on all of our recommended sites.

There are both app versions of bingo and mobile enhanced websites available for playing on your iPad. Many apps that are offered in Apple’s App Store are free, but are only for entertainment purposes and thus don’t allow you to win real money. If you would like to play for real money you should check out some of our recommended, secure sites.

Signing Up at an Online Bingo Site with Your iPad

Signing up at online bingo websites is a very simple process that you can do from your iPad. Creating a new customer account and adding funds to your online account can be done in a matter of minutes. The information required is non-intrusive and your information is safe. Many sites give you free money to try out their bingo before asking you to make a deposit. This is great because you can try out different platforms and find one that you like before making a financial commitment. Deposits can be made using a credit card or through an online payment processing company like MoneyBookers. Additionally, many sites offer a bonus for signing up that gives you free money just for playing. Sites can also offer bonuses for reloading your account as well as periodic bonuses.

Best Bingo Sites & Apps for iPad

Rank Poker Site Bonus Learn More
1. Cyber Bingo $20 Free Bingo Cash CyberBingo

Real Money iPad Bingo Games

Traditional 5×5, 75-ball bingo is the preferred game of many online bingo players, but there are also many other variations that you can play with your iPad. These can include 90-ball bingo which typically takes much longer to complete and 30-ball bingo which is a much more fast paced, 3×3 version of the game. Players can play games with the traditional rules or play games where the goal is to get a “full house,” where a player must get every place on their card stamped to win the game.

iPad bingo works like traditional bingo only instead of using a dauber or marking your squares, players simply use their fingers to daub spaces on the touchscreen. This makes bingo feel more like it would in a live environment while also making it seem easier and more streamlined than live play does. Users are also given the choice to use automatic daubing that saves you the trouble of the rapid pace number calling that can take place in an online setting. This is great for players who like to improve their chances by playing multiple cards at once.

Win Game Prizes Playing iPad Bingo

Similar to slots, many bingo sites for iPad also offer progressive jackpots. A pool is created each time a game is played, but not won and the jackpots can get pretty high compared to what they might be at a live bingo game. This is because there are players playing all over the world and games are played at a much faster place. There is no limit to how high the jackpot can get and winning it is based purely off of a chance. Once a jackpot is won, the pot resets and begins to grow again.

Some iPad online bingo sites also offer a “bonus ball” where a certain ball is selected when the match starts and if that ball is included on a winning line then the card owner wins extra money. These can be fun for the player as they add an extra wrinkle to the game and added excitement when that ball appears on your card.

Prizes vary based on the buy-in amount and the amount of players. Players can buy cards for as little as twenty five cents or play for higher stakes. The games run on a constant loop, but there are busier times than others. The busier times lead to higher stakes, but with more players the odds of winning drop as well.

Why iPad Bingo?

Bingo is a really fun game that translates well to the iPad experience. The iPad allows you to play the game with little drop off between its online counterpart. If you have an iPad and a reliable internet connection (or a 3G network) then playing bingo can be a great way to spend some time while waiting for that plane, bus or girlfriend. With an iPad, playing bingo is no longer restricted to the brick and mortar building or even in front of the computer. You can take the game with you anywhere.