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Smartphones and tablets are everywhere you look these days. It’s almost hard to believe that there have been “only” a bit over one billion smartphones and over 200 million tabletss sold worldwide. Smartphones and tablets have made great technological progress in a short period of time and have finally gained the speed and reliability to play casino games online. Users now have the ability to play blackjack, slots, poker and bet on their favorite sports on the fingertips at any time in any place.

We can recommend a multitude of sites that offer mobile gaming. All of which allow you to sign-up, make a deposit and enjoy the game of your choice in a quick and easy fashion. The important thing is to know what betting or casino app works best with your mobile device. Some websites have better mobile blackjack games than others while others may offer better sports betting. It all depends on what you are looking to play. Many sites stick with their bread and butter of poker, slots, bingo and sports betting; but more and more mobile gambling sites are offering up new games for their mobile users every day. Some predict that mobile gambling will soon overtake internet gambling in revenues and this would not surprise us at all. The more technology advances, the easier it becomes to play these games and the more those two things happen, the less desire anyone has to sit in front of a computer or in a smoky casino to play.

Best Mobile Gambling Sites – Play on Android / iPhone / iPad

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2. Casino Titan $1000 140+ Games Bovada Casino
3. BetOnline $5000 3D Slot Games Drake Casino

Mobile Gambling Sites

Due to a variety of reasons most sites don’t currently offer apps to download of your favorite casino games. However, all of the sites we recommend are specifically tailored for mobile devices and allow for seamless playing on your device. Some sites may be better for one game than another, but it is like that with any website and we can help steer you towards a site that is best for your gaming preference. Sites we can recommend are compatible with iPhones, iPads, Blackberrys and Android devices. A good site will be easy to navigate and simple to use, allowing sign-up and deposit within a matter of minutes.

While mobile gambling sites have made great strides in just a short amount of time, we fully expect them to make even more progress in the months and years to come. More sophisticated platforms will become the norm and mobile betting will become an even richer experience for the user. Below is a complete list of the types of online gambling players can do using their phone or tablet. Use the links to read full reviews specific to each device.

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Mobile Online Casinos for iPad – iPhone – Android

Let’s be honest, most of the games you play in a live casino seem like a mobile game as it is. So it’s only natural that games like video poker and progressive slots would transition so easily into the mobile gaming format, they already are video games. When you add in blackjack, one of the most popular non-gambling apps on any mobile device, it becomes a nearly seamless integration. While many sites only offer a small selection of casino games, all of the most popular and classic games are available with many more being added every day. The games they do offer feel and play the same on your mobile device as they would in Las Vegas.

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Mobile Betting Sites for iPad – iPhone – Android

Betting sports on your mobile device was one of the very first forms of mobile gaming to enter the market and remains one of the most popular. The ability to bet on your favorite sports from your mobile device is something that gamblers have been clamoring for since the earliest cellphones and betting sites have delivered in spades. Not only can you place wagers on games both big and small from your device, but you can also take advantage of “live betting” where you can bet on what will or won’t happen during a game as it happens. For many gamblers there is nothing more satisfying than placing a bet on a game while you are at that game. Mobile sports betting is and will continue to be one of the leading forces in the industry.

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Mobile Poker Sites for iPad – iPhone – Android

Online poker took what had previously been a popular home game and made it into something much, much bigger. Unlike many casino games, poker is much more a game of skill which draws in a larger and more dedicated range of players. Recent advancements in technology have finally allowed for poker rooms to exist on a mobile device with live play against other players. The most popular game, no limit Texas hold em, is available for play as well as other games including limit hold em, seven card stud and razz. Many sites offer free versions of these games to test out and hone your skills before moving on to the real money games. While the real money games factor in all skill levels and budgets.

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Mobile Bingo Sites for iPad – iPhone – Android

Bingo has been luring players since 1929 and it continues to today in local churches, casinos, online casinos and now, finally, mobile devices. A simple game of chance involving randomly drawn numbers has been a perfect port for the mobile gaming market. While not as popular with younger people, Bingo remains a favorite of many gamblers looking for some fun and is available on many websites.

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Since the beginning of the mobile boom many have waited for the ability to gamble from their smartphones. While some devices and websites have been flirting with the idea of mobile gaming for years, it is only recently that mobile gaming has fully taken over the market. A combination of always advancing technology, widespread Wi-Fi and the popularity of tablet and smartphone devices has led to mobile gaming becoming one of the fastest growing industries in gaming today. However, with so many different operating systems and different devices as well as some websites being behind on technology, getting started can seem difficult to a new user.