Table Games Vs. Slots

Table games and slots can be very exciting and offer large payouts. Different benefits and features of table games and slots attract different players. Some bettors enjoy slots for the chance at a large jackpot while others are attracted to table games and the advantages posed by strategy and experience.

A wide variety of table games can be found in casinos and online. Table games are considered any game played on a table that involves dice and/or cards. There is also a variety of slots that include slot machines, video slots and online slots. Slots are available in virtually every casino and are popular among many types of bettors.

Table Games

Table games are a major part of every casino and include blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, poker variations, rummy and more. Table games are popular particularly among competitive players and professionals and bring in a large percentage of a casino’s income. Players that enjoy competitive play and the necessity of learning odds, hands and strategy typically enjoy table games.

Table games are usually operated by a dealer or a croupier. Dealers are used for card games like blackjack and croupiers operate other games like roulette. Chips for most table games can be purchased directly from dealers. Every table game has its own rules, etiquette and expectations.

The most widespread table games are blackjack, roulette and craps. These games have many similarities and differences but have all been popular for over a century. Blackjack is an exciting table game that attracts players because of its simplicity and odds.

In blackjack, players attempt to beat the casino by forming hands that value 21 or close to it. Players are dealt 2 cards and the dealer receives one card face-up and another card face-down. Players then have the option of taking hits, which means taking extra cards, in an effort to get as close to 21 as possible. The dealer’s face-up card provides information and impacts a player’s decisions to take hits or not. Dealers have to keep hitting until they have reached at least 17. At the end of a hand players with higher hands than the dealer without exceeding 21 have won.

Roulette involves a ball spinning in a rotating wheel with colored and numbered pockets that the ball eventually falls into. Players try to predict where the ball will fall and wager on a wide variety of numbers and colors with varying odds. Roulette is a traditional table game that has been played for well over a century but remains popular.

Craps is a classic dice game in which players bet on the outcome of one or more rolls of the dice. Players alternate rolling the dice and place bets on the table in areas that correspond to certain outcomes. There are many different bets available to craps players with varying odds and payouts.


Slots have a long history in the United States where they were first invented as mechanical machines. Since then, slot machines developed into video slots and eventually became available in online casinos. Slots typically have between 3 and 7 reels and several symbols on each reel. Players push a button or pull a lever after making a bet to make the reels start spinning.

Slots differ from table games in that no strategy is involved. Players simply enter the minimum bet and pull a lever. Random number generation software is used to control the reels so players cannot improve by learning about strategy and the odds. Slots can be exciting because they offer large jackpots that can be worth thousands of times the minimum bet. Players of all experience levels can enjoy slots immediately without any training and have the same chances of winning as anybody else.

Odds and Probabilities Differences

Table games usually offer competitive odds that can be improved upon with experience and strategy. Players that take the time to learn about the odds and probabilities of a game can increase their chances of winning. Many odds are involved in table games like the odds of bets winning, odds of being dealt certain cards, odds of rolling numbers and more. Knowledge of these odds is basic to serious players and professionals and can improve all players’ chances of success at table games.

The odds of slots depends on the individual slot machine. Random number generation software is used to make sure the reels spin and stop in a random fashion. Each slot has its own software and odds of winning programmed into the machine. Players can do little to improve the odds of winning on slot machines, but can pick slots that offer the most advantageous odds.

Winning Potential

Table games hold great opportunities and winning potential to dedicated players. Because most table games involve many odds, rules and strategies, experience is necessary to really get the most out of any table game’s winning potential. With practice and knowledge of odds players can improve their skills and take full advantage of the winning potential of games like blackjack, roulette and craps.

Slots have the potential to offer massive jackpots, although the odds are against such big wins. Slots have greater winning potential than any table game because small bets can potentially produce huge payouts. Slots jackpots have been known to sometimes be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Although odds and strategy cannot help players win at slots, the more slots are played the more chances players have to get the fullest winning potential out of slots.

Although table games and slots have been a major part of casinos for almost a century, they are very different games with different odds. Table games require strategy, experience and knowledge of odds to gain success. Players can make their own luck and become skilled at a specific game. Experience and knowledge do not help slots players in any way. Slots are controlled by random number generators that rarely allow jackpots to occur for only a few lucky players. Table games and slots are highly enjoyable and continue to attract players in casinos and online.