Slots Bonus

slots bonus

Casino services are always looking for that extra edge to enhance the player’s experience. With the real live slot experience giving way to online game play, online casinos have found more ways than ever before to implement entertaining bonuses.

Casinos nowadays employ a wide selection of different slots bonuses that caters to all types of players who decide to take a few spins on that virtual reel!

Reel Slots Bonuses

In any given casino, you are likely to encounter over seven different kinds of bonuses. Several of the available slots bonuses occur only in reel based slots games. Most major casinos offer 3-reel and 5-reel slots games. The number of reels is related to the number of payouts per spin. A 3-reel slots game features five payouts for every spin made while a 5-reel usually offers higher paylines of 8, 25, 50 and even 100. Here are the bonuses that you’re likely to encounter in reel based games.

Free Spins – This reel based bonus is a common favorite of casino businesses as it simply rewards players with extra spins to use. This is usually rewarded when the player earns a particular combination of icons. [Bodog Casino offers slot machines with excellent free spin triggers with 25 paylines.

Sliders – Occasionally, reel slots games will have designated slider icons that move over one spot on the pay line or exchange places with another icon on a separate payline. This can make or break a winning combination.

Cascades – This bonus involves icons on the payline being replaced by other icon types. These are usually wild icons that boost the pay output by acting like multipliers.

Wilds – Like a wild card in a card game, wild icons appear on the payline to be substituted for whatever icon that the player needs to earn a winning combination. Wilds can also act as a multiplier. [Sloto’ Casino features one of the best wild multiplier reel slots games around]

Hold n’ Spin – The spin of slots games cannot normally be manipulated. With Hold n’ Spin, players can hold certain reels and spin other reels faster to affect the outcome. This can go a long way in earning a winning payout.

Non-Reel Slots Bonuses

The popularity of non-reel slots games continues to increase as casino business try to make a more in-depth slots gaming experience. Non-reel slots games are not restricted to the spins or to the consequent combination that comes up on the paylines. These slots games are only restricted by the level of complexity that the software developers want. However, most non-reel slots games have bonuses that run on simple fundamentals such as the following:

Wheel of Fortune – Often placed in a mini game on non-reel slots games. The player spins a wheel that has various prizes outlined on it. The player earns whatever prize the wheel of fortune stops on.

Pick a Box – A simple bonus that involves a selection of boxes each with a hidden prize to choose from. Some of the newest non-reel games offer multi-stage pick a box bonus games where players can progress through several levels and earn greater prizes and multipliers as they go along. These are often used for non-reel slots games that incorporate a storyline to follow along with. [Millionaire Casino is one of the best places for instant slot machine game play featuring non-reel bonuses such as Pick a Box]

Free For All – This bonus game allows players the opportunity to select as many prizes and multipliers as possible within a given time limit or until they select a hidden spoiler that ends the bonus.

As the casino business has progressed, so has the variety in slot game bonuses. Nowadays it is not uncommon to find reel and non-reel slots games with three or more bonus features. Practically every slots game features free spins on top of the available wild, multiplier and scatter icons to boost game play experience.

The classic reel based slots bonuses will always remain a favorite to players as they provide straightforward rewards that are tied to the spin and pay line. However, online casinos also stock a proper selection of non-reel based slots bonuses that allow players to essentially play a game within a game.