Bodog and Merge Gaming Next on DOJ’s Hit List?

Written by Thomas | Friday, May 27th, 2011

Bodog and Merge Gaming are apparently very much on the radar of the USA Department of Justice, at least according to inside sources that have been working with the radio hosts of

This morning’s stream of Quad Jacks radio openly revealed that the next internet gambling companies that may be going down are Bodog and Merge Gaming.  One of the site’s regular hosts, Zekday0, tweeted just minutes ago that “Bodog [is] going to be seized in 2 weeks, Merge 30-60 days. You heard it here FIRST.”

The tweet comes in the wake of Bodog redirecting their .com domain to and Merge skins like Lock Poker redirecting their .com site to – both of which occurred just this week!  These particular moves have been seen by many gaming insiders as a preemptive move to possibly stay one step ahead of the DOJ.

So far, none of the aforementioned sites have been indicted by the USA government, but their counterparts such as Bookmaker and Doyles Room were recently named in a Maryland indictment for being complicit in violating numerous state laws involving payment processing.  Some of their domains have already been seized and sites like have already began redirecting traffic to, a drastic move to ensure their place in the USA market despite being named in the most recent indictment against internet gambling websites.

As of right now, the news is only speculation at the moment, but it could be a very troubling sign for the remaining companies still offering online poker and other gambling services to USA customers.  Since “Black Friday,” 14 online gambling companies have already been named in either federal or state indictments for breaking banking statutes and violating terms laid out in the Wire Act.




2 Responses to “Bodog and Merge Gaming Next on DOJ’s Hit List?”

  1. BAZINGA Says:

    Fuck man, this industry is totally fucked 🙁

  2. MasterOfNothing Says:

    Thats sucks big time. When will it stop? Why aren’t they solving bigger problems like terrorism, world hunger and sick childrens from Africa