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Gambling 666 LogoThe main title of the site really says it all.  And I love the moniker so much it just might be the official catch phrase for the site once it’s actually launched.  Gambling is definitely “evil” – but not in the ways people should be groomed to think.  Just because the US government is on a witch hunt against online gaming in general doesn’t mean people like me are going to fold to such redonkulous pressures.  The one thing we have going for us as citizens of this planet is that we have the right to do, say, and choose whatever the $#%#% we want to do with out lives – or at least that’s how it SHOULD be…and because of that is why I’m launching this particular website.

There’s a little devil in all of us…just waiting to come out and play.  And that’s the whole premise behind Gambling666.  I want to give my cult followers (yes, we’re aiming at a pretty demonic niche of gamblers here, obv…haha) a fun place to not only visit, but a place where they can find semi-infinite amounts of information about the best – aka the most EVIL – casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks, and bingo halls to play at online.  I want to mix it up a lot with this site – cause a lot of controversy – and of course fight back the status quo that Online Gambling is a “bad thing.”  It’s your money, it’s your life.  If you want to gamble, let the demons within guide you to my site and don’t feel bad for wanting to come back for more.  You just might win a little something for your efforts and learn a lot about all the different types of games in the process!

This particular project has been in the works for quite a few months now, and after constant changes to the site’s design I can officially say we might have something to give our viewers here within the coming weeks.  I’m setting up a temporary site just to let everyone know it’s coming along nicely, we just have a few things to touch up and a ton of content to upload.  We’re aiming big on this one folks…so seriously, get your asses back here and check in soon for what we have in store for ya!

– The Devil, obv