Keno Betting Systems

Keno is a popular game of chance that has roots in Ancient China, where it was a type of state-run lottery. Keno is often played in bars, live casinos and online Keno sites.

In Keno, players buy tickets and choose Keno numbers. The casino then randomly selects 20 numbers and the more matches a player has, the more he or she is rewarded. Keno is a favorite amongst casino patrons because it is easy to play. However, even with the simple game play, Keno betting systems exist that can help players make the most of their Keno wagers.

How to Play Keno

Keno is a simple game that is similar to playing the lottery. Players will purchase tickets that cost a pre-determined amount of money and then pick an amount of numbers equivalent to how much the player wishes to spend. The more numbers a player chooses, the more money he or she is able to win and the more chances they are given to win.

Keno rounds are usually timed although game play is usually much faster at online Keno sites. The casino will draw 20 numbers at a designated time. The casino will then pay out to players who matched a certain amount of their numbers to the drawn numbers.

Martingale Keno Betting System

Keno is primarily a game of luck where the numbers that are picked don’t necessarily impact the overall odds and probabilities. Keno betting systems are ways for players to get the best advantage possible with regards to the amount that they wager with. A popular Keno betting system is called the Martingale System.

This process is one of the easiest systems for players to remember and utilize. The only thing a player has to do with regards to the Martingale System is to double the amount of a bet for every round following a loss. The purpose of this Keno betting system is to recoup losses when a win hits.

For example, if a player starts out with a wager of one dollar and loses that round, he or she should bet two dollars on the next round. If that round is a bust, the player should bet four dollars in the next round and so on. By using this system, a player will always be able to make back a slight profit each time the Keno numbers are a match.

If a player finally hits when four dollars is wagered, it would have cost them three dollars overall to get to that point but they would win at least four dollars back on top of their wager. Therefore, the player would be left with a one-dollar profit. This is an easy system but it requires a large bankroll because players will need to go through several losing rounds each time before they can win big.

This Keno betting system also requires players to have a bit of patience because it will take a long time for big winnings to show up. However, while waiting for the jackpot, players will at least have the chance to keep winning back what they put in.

Reduced Keno Betting System

Another popular Keno betting system is called a reduced betting system. In this scenario, players will play a certain amount of numbers over a series of different Keno tickets. The easiest way to try out a reduced Keno betting system is to pick six cards and play three tickets.

Each Keno ticket should contain only four of the six numbers so that each number is on two tickets each. Using a reduced Keno betting system gives players a bigger payout for their tickets and will give them a greater amount of money should all of their numbers be pulled.

For example, if all six numbers were to be pulled, then each of the player’s three tickets would win the full amount available for matching four numbers. Meanwhile, if only five numbers were to be called, the player would win the full amount for one ticket. They would also win on at least three numbers on the second ticket and at least two numbers on the third ticket.

Playing more tickets and winning more than one game at a time is a great way for players to get the biggest jackpots possible.

The Keno betting systems outlined are not guaranteed money makers; however, they are great ways for players to reduce the house advantage and have a better chance of winning overall. The Martingale Keno Betting System is an easy to learn betting strategy where players double their losing wagers to recoup losses.

The Reduced Keno Betting System gives players more opportunities to win by stretching a series of numbers over multiple tickets. For the best winning ratio possible, players should try to mix these two strategies to get the most for their money.